Self Portrait for Practice of Painting

Sky Arts Final


Assignment 4- Reclining Position Tone -Reworked

Following feedback from Assignment 4 I agree with my tutor that there were proportion problems with the head and calf in the original drawing. I want to submit this drawing for assessment to show use of colour, tone and compositional qualities (the visual dynamics pull the viewer from the lower left corner into the distance on  the top right corner). There is an atmosphere, static in the darkness and illuminosity in the skin from the light that works well.

This was a drawing was originally completed 2 assignments/ 5 months ago and has allowed me to reflected on the advancement of my technique and observational skills. Although for the sake of assessment I havent changed the essence of the marks just the proportions.

Final Reclining MAn
Reworked Assignment 4 – Tone
Assignment 4 Tone

Assignment 5 Response to Tutor Feedback.

Response to Tutor feedback Assignment 5

Overall Comments

Thank you for my feedback and for the many positive comments. I am pleased that it highlights and shows that I have shown “good” further development and continued progress in experimentation, creative strategies, clear aims, structure and overall ways of working. There is also continued development of the observation of the human figure capturing weight, environment, interesting drawing qualities (line, gestural) through well observed drawings and exploration of composition as commented.

I have also noticed from this feedback  and with further reflection I have an increased strength in my own judgements/ critic/ self-evaluation and drawing observations. I think it shows a clearer alignment with what I am seeing and others see in my work (without being detrimentally self-critical). What I am seeing as “good” (word being used subjectively) is “good”.

From the feedback I received from previous assignments I wanted to be diligent in ensuring I had actioned all pointers and reflected/ taken on board all previous feedback. Thank you noting this has been done.

I have definitely gained a vast amount of knowledge through this assignment focusing on traditional drawing and incorporation of digital media. I have really enjoyed working with/ combining both areas.

Through this assignment I have unearthed stronger ways of working that has benefitted my analysis, visual language and narrative, this is a focus to continue to develop throughout the degree pathway.

Time and money (materials) have been the main constraint during Drawing Skills. I have continually battled between trying to demonstrated exceptional skills, being able to fully explore a subject whilst I ensure I work within the time perimeters I set to progress within the degree within a reasonable time frame. Especially as I have a view to use this degree to go into teaching. I think time constraints are reflected in this last assignment. Especially regarding the Reclining Man collage and to explore further narratives and contexts that I hinted at as I worked throughout this project. If I had more time this would have come to further fruition. Although I believe I did action the aim I set from the outset, it is positive that there are further resources here. I will of course as suggested continue to develop everything learnt into my next course, throughout the degree pathway and in personal work.

This was the first time I have worked without the boundaries of the exercises and I think it is extremely positive that it was noted that I “created a structure and some useful creative strategies within this assignment” that can be drawn on in the future.

After finishing Creative Arts today the confidence of receiving a 68% at assessment (March 2017) further reflected onto confidence within my research within Drawing 1. I can see how reflection of learning from Drawing Skills will reflect into my next course Understanding Painting Media.

Feedback on Assignment

I was diligent (as discussed from previous feedback) to set clear a clear aim as a starting point to explore a range of range of “visual language; line, colour and surface, combining both digital and drawing processes through devised creative strategies”.

I find it interesting how recent images viewed of Bonnard’s work from assignment 2 are now appearing in my work subconsciously.

I do not think that the final assignment pieces are my strongest part of this project (points mentioned in tutor feedback) comparatively to my sketch book work. I will revisit the images suggested as assignment strengths in line with my assignment set aim with a view to further reflect; mount them for the final assessment. However I think the path I set and I was working within was really strong and a valuable tool that as I progress onto my second practical course will continue to evolve.

Another key learning point as I develop my observational skills was the original collection of sketches/ images from Ibiza. I was aware from the outset it was a small body of work that could become a challenge to work from hopefully using photographs as a fall back. I will be conscious of this in the future as I develop my sketch books and observational skills that the initial research (sketches) needs to be more extensive going forward. Although I believe the drawings are beautiful sketches in their own right and were originally done to continue drawing practise whilst on holiday for pure pleasure. It was later on when reflecting at home I decided to use them for assignment 5 as I saw the potential for further development.

Thank you for the suggestions around my sketchbook experimentation being mounted and will further reflect on this when mounting for assessment. The work in my sketch book around the juxtaposition of images is stronger and with reflection can see how size/scale plays an important role with this. I think as previous assignments and some exercise all stipulated working to a larger scale I followed on from this. With hindsight for this assignment I could have given scale more thought as the drawings/collages worked better at a smaller scale.

I was aware that I had done a beautiful sketch of this Spanish man (who later I realised worked in a local restaurant) and was the initial inspiration for the project. When sketching I am naturally drawn to drawing things exactly as I see them in this case an older man. However this then caused procrastination through the challenge of how do I develop these?  As you commented “lovely soft fluid line across his flaccid stomach” and as you commented there’s something almost exquisite about this” seamed a struggle of how to connect the drawing and infuse the collage to the series of work that related to a series that I had already produced. On reflection the reclining man was possibly was a standalone piece that could have been developed exploring the context of man’s mortality further. I will look at John Copan’s self-portraits to help develop this character and context. Time did eventually become an issue here and again a valuable lesson on just experimenting and trying as opposed to procrastination to provide a more fluid creative journey that often achieves better results.

I think it is evident that when I am working with a life model the work is proportionally better (I work intuitively and observationally) over scaling up from drawings or photographs of how this reflects as proportions. Again I will be very conscious of this going forward (possible more research on scaling up). This reflects again in the stronger observational sketches.

Thank you for the comments under “Research/ Learning Logs”. I used a similar structure that I had received positive comments on previously which worked well. I also feel confident in the use of my learning log, sketch book to “archive your thought processes, analyse creative strategies and thoughts on how to apply your learning”. “Good to see that you are utilising diagrams to make connections between what you have learned, to reinforce learning and plan how you might apply these notions”.

I will reflect the pointers, recommended reading in my leaning log and sketch book in time for November assessment.