Reflection Part 5/ Assignment 5 Personal Project

Assignment 5 Personal Aim 

The aim for Assignment 5 through the subject matter of the Human figure is to capture the vibrancy and energy of the Island of Ibiza that is present when you visit the island even though this holiday (focus of sketches) for me was very relaxing and family focused comparably to the tourists that visit for the vibrant and energetic nightlife.


  • Further develop the sketches I captured whilst on holiday.
  • Further develop the growing interest that  I have developed throughout Drawing 1 of the low tech digital manipulation of prints, photographs (images), using traditional process ( such as hand Collage, stains, line and marks).
  • Continue to experiment with multimedia.
  • Research Artists that have used a similar subject matter of figures by a pool or beach (holiday environment).
  • Research Artists using collage or low tech digital manipulation of images.
  • Follow up on Tutor recommended research.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills

I have found part 5 hard without the boundaries of the exercise but also have enjoyed the freedom. I think I set my self a very clear but challenging brief and initially spent a time procrastinating with lots of ideas  and inspiration until eventually I started drafting all my ideas into A5 compositions (which will definitely carry out again in future- its a purge of idea’s that clears the mind) and then the rest of the process followed smoother.  I had to disregard some ideas that didn’t work to find others that did. I feel privlidged to be getting so many different ideas and want to learn how more and more how to execute them. If I had set an easier aim such as 3 pencil tonal studies then I may have had better results but I wanted to really challenge myself with a series of expressive drawings working intuitively as much as possible.

I have fed in inspiration from artists I researched that have used collage, manipulated prints, photographs, especially Dr ME and Sebastian Haslaeur (Cut that Out). In May I visited the Ashmolean and Degas large expressive sketch After the Bath 1900, the impression of the drawing has stayed with me. Then visiting the Giacometti exhibition at the Tate in June has helped me find a confidence in expression. Also discover artist Richard DiebenKorns expressive lines and a different ways of using line. I think I have good adaptability in my drawing technique and I really enjoy copying or using other artists lines in my drawings its a treat to experience how someone else draws. Through this research and experimentation I felt line and colour would be the best way to represent energy and vibrancy of Ibiza.

I have  concentrated on composition and the overall design of the drawings/ collage and continued to be conscious of how the viewer see’s whats within the drawing. I have left the edges blank again to draw the viewer in using Gicaometti’s frame in one of the compositions. I think I have demonstrated a further improved  understanding of the Human figure and proportions.

Quality of Outcome

Initially before choosing to develop the Ibiza Sketches I had multiple ideas or subject matter that I wanted to develop, which is a fantastic improvement on struggling in part 2. Using mind maps and drafting some of the ideas down cleared my mind to then re focus for the brief.

The outcome meets the aim of the brief and completed all the objectives. I don’t think I have quite captured (with the exception of drawing 1 ) what I captured in my sketch book experimentation, all three drawings are very bold, the same size, portrait view, with a similar bright – holiday feel expression of colour. I think these drawings will suffer a little from being removed from the context they sit (Ie if they were being viewed in Ibiza they would sit better).

I a little hesitant to critic them as successful as can see ways they can be improved (unsure of arms on Drawing 2 and the blank figure on Drawing 3) and prefer the sketch book final compositions, I wonder if I added too much after scaling up. Drawing 1’s biggest problem was the sizing up, which eventually I had to join photo’s together to get the larger image. I have captured the engery especially well within Drawings 1 and it contains a lot of movement. I have concerns with the join on the image its self. This set of drawings again was a first for me to complete in this way and can clearly see how to develop my drawing throughout the rest of my degree. I have only been drawing purposefully for just over a year now. There was so much resource here and ideas that followed which is a very positive step to be working on. However to highly critic myself I think I was trying to mix too many ideas again.

I have a personal preference for the Black and White series of hand and digitally manipulated drawings and prints, I love that they represent a memory of the holiday and the marks give a distressed old photographic feel. The sense of place is still present with energy and vibrancy. However I do have time to make changes (re work larger drawings) if my tutor has additional feedback before assessment. However I think I have stronger drawings elsewhere within my coursework.

As intended each figure is central to the composition surrounded with a variety of traditional expressive lines and marks. I have used photographic prints in two of the series producing some interesting marks that I hope will captivate the viewer. Each drawing has very lively feel to view and have tried (as suggested by the brief) to be bold and stand out.

After assignment 5 I  feel more confident with using and developing my sketch book, exploring compositions and using backgrounds.

Demonstration of Creativity

I have continue to develop manipulating images and collage along side drawing and my next course, I enjoy all equally and further deepened my knowledge as I did in part 3 with experimentation. As per tutor recommendation I did extensive research into Collage artists which has opened up a world of endless imagination and that really anything is possible within art if you can imagine or visualise it. I have tried to be very intuitive and expressive within this section and trying to trust each judgement and process as it presents itself.

I have continues to asked why and how this will or has influenced my work. and continuing to put into my own drawings ideas from any research. I am also trying to be more critical and analytical of my own work but without being too tough on myself. Tim Marlow’s Arts Greatest Mistakes was an interesting insight to things many artists do what is considered ‘wrong’ even with human figure proportions as they learnt.

Again I havnt gone for a subject matter that results in the obviously beautiful- it doesnt fit this genre and I seem to be searching for abstract and boldnes and  other areas away from the obviously beautiful. However I have recently joined a landscape course and been enjoying drawing flowers, so maybe the beautiful will emerge. Overal I love line drawings and the juxtapostion of different images, traditional marks and how this translates visually.



I kept the context simple by exploring the sense of vibrancy, energy and place without a representational landscape. Although I did do small studies of sand and the sea. The drawings also discuss youth and age- with an element of intimacy with the femail pose, loss of youth in the male pose and youth itself in the child pose. This assignment was not about capturing Ibiza’s nightlife but I think the same energy of place is evident.

Again limiting my research to more specific areas, I still hope I have demonstrated excellent research and continue to confident in my development of knowledge in relation to art history, contexts and debates and how other artists work, which in turn is helping to develop my personal technical skills.

Again I have a personal prefernce for the context of memory and old photgraphs in the Black and White Series I have developed.

I have also followed up on tutor recommended reading which was so inspiring.

The self-initiated visit to the Tate and Giacometti exhibition was very beneficial.

I have also asked for constructive feedback from friends and other students to check what I see is the same as the viewer




2 thoughts on “Reflection Part 5/ Assignment 5 Personal Project

  1. Hi Alison! I really like how you articulate everything you do so clearly! This is a major challenge for me- I tend to do and get lost in ideas without such a clear line to follow. This is so well written!


    1. Thank you so much that’s kind of you to say so. I watch a lot of you tube clips about musicians discussing ideas for writing music and where they get their inspiration from. It helps me understand creative process.


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