Assignment 5 Artist Statement

Assignment 5 Artist Statement

When I started  I was influenced by my previous course Creative Arts Today and a new developed love for contemporary Art.  This fed into Parts 1 and 2 of this course, looking for narratives within my drawings and different subject matter.  Part 4 rediscovered my pure passion of figure drawing. Part 3 (Fourth Assignment) introduced a new love for landscape and interest to capture a sense of place through drawings. Part 3 also came with a confidence in ways of working, experimentation with media, compositions and preparatory work and how other artists influence my work which ultimately feeds into the main assignment.

I have explored a mixed media, new materials, drawing styles and researched a vast range of artist. I have learnt the importance of how artists can influence my own work. During part 3, (fourth assignment) I ended an internal battle within my own drawing style focusing on experimental expressive mixed media approach rather than a need to develop a photo realistic drawing style. I also developed an interest in low tech manipulation of prints, love of sketching and the simplicity of marks and lines.

I chose the subject matter after making sketches whilst on holiday it is an interesting subject as sunbathers are unknowingly the perfect life models due to their different poses. Although I don’t want to represent place as a landscape form I would like to capture the sense of place that is Ibiza.

From the outset I set this aim:

The aim for Assignment 5 through the subject matter of the Human figure is to capture the vibrancy and energy of the Island of Ibiza that is present when you visit the island even though this holiday (focus of sketches) for me was very relaxing and family focused comparably to the tourists that visit for the vibrant and energetic nightlife.



  • Further develop the sketches I captured whilst on holiday.
  • Further develop the growing interest that  I have developed throughout Drawing 1 of the low tech digital manipulation of prints, photographs (images), using traditional process ( such as hand Collage, stains, line and marks).
  • Continue to experiment with multimedia.
  • Research Artists that have used a similar subject matter of figures by a pool or beach (holiday environment).
  • Research Artists using collage or low tech digital manipulation of images.
  • Follow up on Tutor recommended research.

I would like to present my development of visual observation, communication of ideas and ensure I have explored effective compositional design that informs my final series of work.

I plan to create series of 3 A 2 drawings that reflect the artists that I have researched throughout part 5. In one of pieces I would like to represent collage and in another use of low tech digital manipulation of print. I would like the images to represent the correct proportions of the human figure but in an expressive way through line and mark making.

Throughout the course I have continually thought about the line between drawing and painting (other mediums) and how this gets defined which has led to a strong interest in the use of line which I would like explore further in part 5.












2 thoughts on “Assignment 5 Artist Statement

  1. Hi Alison, when I read this I thought of Nick Bodimeade. Do you know his work? He has done loads of paintings of sunbathers on the beach. Also he uses photographs as a starting point for his work. I did a course with him at sea white’s studio which I really enjoyed. Noticed he’s doing another in september and might do it if still a place – he’s focusing on pattern next time which would be really interesting.


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