Tutor Reccomended Reading/ Viewing Hannah Hoch and Cut That Out- Dr Me

Hannah Hoch 1889-1979

I studied Hannah Hoch as part of Visual Communications during the Creative Arts Today module.  She is known as a part of the Dada Art Movement and one of the originators of Photomontage. She represented political discourse, androgyny and the shifting gender roles between men and women within her collage’s. Here is an interesting article about her exclusion from exhibitions as a female artist. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/10545071/Hannah-Hoch-The-woman-that-art-history-forgot.html.

Combining drawing and photography (Beach scene my interpretation).

Hannah hoch

Fig 1 Hannah Hoch Staatshäupter (Heads of State), 1918-20

DR ME “Cut That Out” 

As the book quotes literally is “the very best in contemporary collage” (DR ME 2013) I could do a whole project based on inspiration from it alone as the images are so vibrant and open up a whole new world and ways of working to explore.

Further to my previous blog post here is a final image by an artist featured in the book called Sebastian Haslauer (German) his lively imagination are extremely impactful on the viewer ( how the viewer sees). This images is the final idea or inspiration I needed to help develop my final piece of collage that I am working on. His hand made collage combines found imagery, cut outs and painting. This image is especially relevant (my interpretation) of a beach scene.

Points of interest

  • Hannah Hochs Juxtaposed heads on swimmers bodies.
  • The expressive nature of Sebastian Haslauer’s collage.
  • Extensive extremely inspirational material within Dr Me Cut that out.


Fig 1 Hannah Hoch Staatshäupter (Heads of State), 1918-20 https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/jan/09/hannah-hoch-art-punk-whitechapel (accessed 18/7/17).

Fig 2 Memento Moni Sebastian Hasleur Memento Moni (2012) Acrylic, paper and enamel on canvas. http://sebastianhaslauer.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Sebastian_Haslauer_Painting_Memento_Moni (accessed 18/7/17).




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