Research Drawing using Photographs or Printed images.

I have tried to limit this research to find artists drawing on ink jet prints or photographs. Using photographs within images is commonly used within Graphic Design and collage by artists such as Hannah Hoch, Ellen Gallagher and John Hartfield. Images digitally manipulated pre printing seem to be in abundance.


Fig 1 Ellen Gallagher Odalisque 2005 Gelatine Silver Print with Watercolour and Gold Leaf.

I love how Ellen Gallagher has highlighted the patterns within the image with Gold leaf. It’s very simple but effective and changes the content to give this image a strong narrative.

Sebastien Del Grosso combines two interests (drawing and photography) by drawing on to photographs to create surreal yet expressive self portraits. The images seem very surreal and I like how he used the self-portrait as a starting point to then capture movement of other poses. Sebastien Del Grosso is an illustrator/ photographer based in Paris, whom I have started following on social media.


Fig 2 Sebastien Del Grosso The Sketch of Life Series 2014

The image above reflects his illustrative style however it interesting to see how his more recent work is developing.

Flayed Sketches SDG

Fig 3 Flayed Sketch II Sebastien Del Gesso 2015

After discovering Sebastien Del Gesso I decided to look for hand manipulated photographs, which took me to a lot of student sites and images transfers/ silk screens by Robert Rauschenberg. Then looking at photographers it opened up a massive debate of image reappropriation, image manipulation v’s reality and the 20th Century debate of are photographers artists., which of course they are.

Bernard Herman is a current artist who is successfully experimenting between the line of painting and photography (manipulating images) which will be extremely inspiring for my next course Practise of Painting. The images are so vibrant and full of energetic marks especially considering the original images are still pictures. His Polaroid transfers and missing person series are also really interesting.

Bernard Herman

Fig 4 Bernard Herman Manipulated Photography (Undated).

Finally returning to an image I was fascinated with when first starting Drawing Skills by artist Anna Barriball (British Born 1972) that I viewed in “Vitamin D New perspectives in Drawing”. The image below represents her approach to the effect of objects and drawing experimentally by rubbings of windows, marks and “Flinging a graphite-covered ball at a piece of paper” (Godfrey, 2005). My favourite is an image of a found photograph which she mixed bubble mixture with ink and blew onto.  Which changes the context of the original photograph and for me debates mark making on paper as a form of drawing and expression that is a unlimted.

Anna Barrible untitled 7

Fig 5 Anna Barriball Untitled VII 2004

All of these images are so inspiring and give endless resource for experimentation within my own work.



Fig 1 Ellen Gallagher Odalisque 2005 (accessed 17/7/2017).

Fig 2 Sebastien Del Grosso The Sketch of Life Series 2014 (accessed 17/7/2017).

Fig 3 Flayed Sketch II Sebastien Del Gesso  2015 (accessed 17/7/2017).

Fig 4 Bernard Herman Manipulated Photography (Undated). (accessed 17/7/2017).

Fig 5 Anna Barriball Untitled VII 2004 (accessed 17/7/2017).

Godfrey D 2005 Vitamin D New Perspective in Drawing Phaidon Press.



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