Other Reading and Research

Banksy Wall and Piece Century 2006

Greyson Perry Divided Britain this was more a political program which was fascinating to watch how he used social media to research into the context of the Vases that he created to represent divided Britain after the EU referendum.

Tim Marlows Arts Greatest failures Inspiring to see how even masterpieces such as Leonardo di Vinci’s Last Super now only has 20% of the original painting left which was painted  by Di Vinci due to restoration and his original experimentation of paint. The programme recapped questions about context and what is art which I covered extensively when studying Creative Arts Today.

Adventure of the Black Square review Art that aimed to change the world https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/jan/18/adventures-of-the-black-square-review-whitechapel-abstract-art-that-aimed-to-change-the-world

Bridget Riley, Optical Art born 1931 https://artuk.org/discover/artists/riley-bridget-b-1931

Visit to the Welcome Collection, London. 30th June 2017 ( Notably linking back to part 1 &2 Medicine Man and Medicine now).

Tate Modern general collection (notably Andy Warhol and Guerilla Girls work) 30th June 2017.

Elizabeth Peyton, Section Eight Drawing Now Eight propositions, The Museum of Modern Art Laura Hoptman (particularly coloured pencil drawings).






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