Part 5- Critical Analysis

Here are some A5 Digital images I have been manipulating to see if I can develop them further as per one of my assignment objectives. The problem I am having is that I have spoken to every print shop local to me and I need an inkjet printer that preferably goes larger than A3 to be able to work on large images which I have been unsuccessful to find. I would prefer for impact for them to be A2 to sit alongside the other series of figures that I am developing. I am going to have to somehow hand collage the images after digital manipulation.

The brief set by the OCA said to be highly critical of the work for this part the images below I feel are too illustrative, lack emotion and I have had problems with the light (especially on the face v’s media over the top. The colours do not work they look to childlike. I wanted to play with perspective by showing different angles of the water in the swimming pool which has potential. I also hoped by using Gesso over the top might hide any collage lines but it looses the magic of the image of using the inkjet ink with water which gets this beautiful stain/blotting marks.


What I have learnt

  • Throughout Part 5 I keep exploring ideas to see where they go, even if they do not go quite where I would like there are elements fo them I can use for other things.
  • I should have thought more about the initial image and quality of the photograph or in future cases tried to see if it can be digitally manipulated so important areas like the face are clear.
  • Stop working on an idea if its not developing, possibly do more initial work.
  • I need more practise drawing children.





5 thoughts on “Part 5- Critical Analysis

  1. Hi Alison! I have a similar approach for Part 5- lots of different experimenting that might not lead anywhere and am more confident now knowing that you are too 🙂 Love the blue splashes- they fit the subject perfectly- playful and water.

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    1. Thank you, have you blogged it- would love to see what your doing? I think thats the answer is to just keep exlporing. There are elements of theese that do work but have other ideas that are starting work… (I hope)…


  2. Hi Alison. You can mono-print from an inkjet print if you print out on non-stick paper. I have done some of these but only in A4 for some self-portraits. I have the process and results saved to publish on my blog soon (when I have done the things I was supposed to do before this). You could probably combine two A3 prints this way – though of course as a print it works out in reverse. It’s difficult to explain but you will see when I post (hopefully tomorrow) and we can also have a chat if you want to phone me. I am frantically trying to get Assignment 4 finished for next weekend! Janet


    1. Good luck with Assignment 4. Will look forward to seeing your prints. I had a go using laser jet ink before and the results were horrible. I think I have a solution (will cover soon on blog) but will definately try that thank you. I am trying to get this all done for Monday- Im nearly there one more drawing to finish!!

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