Collage Purposeful Materials

Points of interest and further reflection.

When previoulsy experimenting with collage I have either re appropriated left overs of my drawings or photo’s, newspaper articles and packaging-  the materials pre- exists prior to the collage similar to Hannah Hoch, John Hartfield and some of Ellen Gallagher’s work.

Looking at Wangechi Mutu it has developed further thought that the collage materials can purposefuly be made for the purpose of that collage (or series) as opposed to just using left overs.

DR ME graphics work combining photo’s and paint to juxtapose together along with Wangechi Mutu use of ink on paper is opening up another dimension of experimentation for me to try.

I specifically like Wangechi Mutu’s focal point of the figure in the middle of the collage.

I can use anything (materials)  in my collages, there is no boundaries, limits or rules, literally anything available or that can be made or imagined. 2D or 3D.


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