Part 5 Sketches

After finishing Assignment 3 (fourth assignment submission), I have had a short break from purposeful study to reflect and look for inspiration for Assignment 5. It is as exciting as it is daunting working without boundaries of exercises to follow.

Whilst away on holiday in Es Cana, Ibiza (June 2017) I sketched people sitting/ lying around the pool and  beach to continue my drawing practice.


I am particularly drawn to the top two images on the sunbeds.

What I have learnt 

People sitting on the beach or by the pool make perfect life models.

Naturally drawing what interests you helps find ideas for assignments.

Improvement in sketching figures, using the objects or area around them to try to get an accuracy of the figures proportions.

How do I develop the sketches further? I had decided from the outset that I wanted to return to figure drawing for assignment 5, but how do I reflect this into a theme or context?



5 thoughts on “Part 5 Sketches

  1. Interested to see how you progress with this assignment, I’m along way off but I have no idea what I will draw. I like the top two images too. Did you do much other sketching on holiday? I’m about to go away myself and keen to do some drawings.

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  2. Re. how do you find a topic. It might be helpful to think of it as a research topic. e.g. How can a drawing involving music or musician/s suggest a sense of rhythm? OR. How can the sunbather be drawn to capture a sense of light and relaxation? these are just ideas – but already they might suggest research points, involving rhythmic marks or bright light. For research you might look for other artists who have painted musicians/music or used rhymic mark making. Or used very bright light (thinking of australian artists at portrait gallery recently for example). Obviously these are just my thoughts arising from your work, but the general idea I am trying to suggest is to find an area to investigate and approach it like a researcher looking for the answer to your question. It doesn’t matter, I think if you find the answer or not. and if you go off at a tangent you can always tweak your question at the end!

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