Response to Tutor Feedback Assignment 3

Response to Tutor feedback Assignment 3

Overall Comments

Please note Assignment 3 was agreed to be submitted after Assignment 4.

Thank you very much for my feedback. I am extremely pleased with the feedback which highlighted the progress I have made and demonstrating good practises that are developing. This part of the course was the most developmental for me in terms of confidence and setting/ achieving aims set by the exercise or myself. It was also the most fluid in terms of progress/ process and working structures that I have put in place.

Ways of working have significantly improved and recording what I have researched even if it hasn’t been relevant (no dialog/ opinion to present) it has made me step back to analyse and “make valuable and pertinent connections between research, media, process and the aims”. I am also making lists on excel sheets to streamline and focus work, exercises and also using mind maps.

I feel more confident to ask questions about what I am trying to achieve which has meant that my reflections are more “honed, specific and thoughtful”. I am really enjoying focusing more on the connections I make between my own and other works it’s very inspiring.

I can clearly see the importance of the process of preliminary sketches, research, and exploration of marks and composition and how it feeds into my drawings/ assignments.

The hangout I had after assignment 4 with my tutor was really beneficial as it has really made me think about how the viewer/ audience see’s my work and the visual language it contains.

The approach of building up stages of the drawing is allowing my need to be expressive but convey a sense of reality or a representation of the subject I see.

I am extremely interested low-tech and traditional processes (stains, blots, hand-collage, and drawing) with digital:  print, photography, manipulation, editing and layering -digital collage and would like to explore this further during assignment 5.


Feedback on the Assignment

I am really pleased with the feedback on the assignment.

I will definitely use editing, selecting key elements from each sketch to plan and compose the final outcome. I enjoyed the process cropping photographs/sketches and notations which I can see how help plan the final outcome for future work.

“The way in which you grid, layer and build-up the drawing can be read as an analogy to the construction of a building” I really enjoy this interpretation and was an element of the process of the consideration of marks whilst I was constructing the bottom layer wet media onto the cardboard. I can see how the increase in density of tone / mark (in some areas) and left leaner at the edges conveys a sense of depth, pulling the viewer in and I also find the density of marks changes each time you view the drawing which I find exciting. I need to do more research on the process of considerations of removing or editing from the drawing as this is exciting and a beneficial process. This editing process (what is left out) is as important as the content itself.

I am so pleased with the following comment “This assignment evidences an increased experimentation and confidence in the visual language, mark-making, composition and general analysis and decision-making in the process of making a drawing. Well done”.





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