Exercise 4 Statues Havana Cuba

This is the final exercise for Part 3. When I read the brief for this exercise I instantly remember visiting a Cemetary in Havana, Cuba that was overwhelming beautiful yet endlessly full of intricate statues. This was back in 2004 when I still only had a 35mm film camera and if I remember correctly I  had 2 last photos that I could take before I ran out of film. It may have even been a disposable camera. Here is the picture of the photograph album of the last 2 pictures I took. I miss that pleasure of the unknown photograph.

Cementerio de Cristobel Colon (The Colon Cemetary) Havana, Cuba.

What specifically interested me in the statue I photographed was the powerful yet delicate nature of the statue and the interpretation of the meaning of why the Angel is caring away the lifeless person? Why is the angel blindfolded? The specific statue is the top of the firefighters monument which I remember there was a specific story attached to the statue but I cant seem to find any information online for (only a quick search).

Here are my sketches and tentative look at compositions. It has also given me a chance to start practising Theodore Gericault’s technique used in his anatomical drawings, but I need much more practise.





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