Reflection of Part 3 and Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Personal Aim 

To produce a townscape of my local town centre that shows accuracy of perspective but expression of line and a sense of place.

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills

I am a complete novice with Landscape/ Townscape and have found this subject to be completely out of my comfort zone as I seem to deviate away from drawing organic matter and focus on man-made or geometric shapes more.  Having said that I have really enjoyed it and have used part 3 to explore my own drawing technique and used lots of questioning to do this. I took the approach of looking at how other artists represented landscape and how I can use this within my drawings. Exploring ways to make marks hopefully showing an excellent development of technical skills.

I have stayed predominantly in monochrome or used a limited palate ( with the exception of the inkjet drawings) so could have used more colour, so there is a future area for development there. Although I have looked at Theodore Gericault’s use of wash to create form, this is something I will progress and experiment more with. The use of ink and watercolour wash to create the blackboard prop for my assignment was purely abstract. Maybe another area to develop is to link the two together but for this assignment it was used only as a support instead of coloured paper.

Further to this I have also concentrated on composition and the overall design of the drawings. I have also started to become much more conscious of how the viewer see’s whats within the drawing. I used a composition that draws the viewer into the drawing by leaving the initial area blank. I tried and still need to work on the idea that Turner was very good at pulling the viewer within his paintings. I think I have demonstrated a good understanding and development of perspective. The final composition did have a lot of editing of the original scene, no people, no machinery as  I was consious to not crowd the picture plane. Interestingly in part 3 I have also ended this battle I have had between wanting to draw realism and being expressive (please see Aeriel perspective exercise).

Quality of Outcome

Although I had lots of ideas, developing the ideas was harder and still need more practise (direction how to do this). I noticed in part 2 (still life) I struggled for subject matter and now (including still life) I get inspiration really quickly (find subject matter really quickly) so am hoping the more I draw and use mind maps the development of ideas will become quicker too.  My town centre is predominantly 1950’s that is also currently under major construction which I decided to embrace within my drawings ( I am also interested in the concept that what you draw effects how you draw).

I am overall pleased with the quality of outcome of the drawing I have pulled the viewer into the composition by cropping the image and compositional device. I think I have represented the subject matter  (1950’s architecture and construction) interestingly by using construction lines (perspective lines) and expressive lines. I have also left the grid I drew on and any ghost lines on the drawing too for further effect also referencing  Artist Euan Uglow. I also find the more I look at the drawing from different angles I see different things.  I Intentionally have played with perspective with the lines of the building on the right being visible through the building on the left . It pulls the building towards you but It’s up to the viewer how they perceive this within the drawing. There is limited use of tone and maybe I could have explored light more however this wasnt the intention within this drawing as it was predominantly about line and perspective. The drawing of perspective is accurate to the scene (used grids and measurements). With hindsight I wish I had changed my view to get a deeper angle (like I did in the measured drawing of my hall which showed a deep perspective). I left the bicycle to represent human life. I hope I have captured a sense of place, the dominance of the plain 1950’s architecture mixed with a more modern building (right) and the fluidity of change and movement of construction. The only thing I was unsuccessful was the brief to try and include some foliage or trees in the composition.

Demonstration of Creativity

As a side project I spent a significant amount of time experimenting with Inkjet ink, image transfer and drawing on photographs. This an area I will continue to develop as I still havent mastered image transfer with laser jet and acrylic gloss yet. Although I have had some interesting results using inkjet and water/bleach and wax paper transfer. I have used mixed media again and deepened my knowledge of tone through the use of pencil. As per tutor recommendation I have started and continued to experiment with wash techniques, this has also led to further development of watercolour techniques (see sketch book and foreground/middle ground/ background exercise). I have raided my local library and watched endless you tube videos on ink/oil marbling, wash, watercolour techniques, coloured pencil techniques and although nothing fruitful has come yet the experimentation is there. This is starting to come through in my drawings but not everything I experiment with will be relevent to each exercise brief.

I have consciously asked why and how this will or has influenced my work. Also asking what can I put into my own drawings from any research. I am also trying to be more critical and analytical of my own work. Although I have to try not to go too far like I did in the critic of the foreground, middle ground and background exercise and remember it is my own interpretation, and am trying to see what the viewer sees.  What is clearly coming through in my drawings is my research with mark making and impression of artists on me.

I have used the 6 x A5 drawings and used collage to work out the compositional arrangement.


Although I have limited my research to more specific areas, I still hope I have demonstrated excellent research and feel very confident in my development of knowledge in relation to art history, contexts and debates and how other artists work, which in turn is helping to develop my personal technical skills.

I have also followed up on tutor recommended reading, Euan Uglow, Gaurdian Life Model Article, Morandi’s hierarchy of objects and have a date planned in June to finally get to London to visit the Welcome Collection.

As always the recent student visit to the Ashmolean, Oxford to see the Degas to Picasso exhibition  and a fantastic gallery on Ink drawings was very beneficial and a fantastic gallery on Ink drawings.

I have also asked for constructive feedback on the final image for assignment 3, it has been suggested by two sources that the top half of the composition is stroner than the botton and the squiggly lines are harder to interpret so will work to develop this further (Please see drawing marked final composition).

Context (of the Assignment)

Crawley was an interesting subject for me as I have ended up living here by default from moving to work for an airline as Cabin Crew in 2004 (prior to this I didnt live in any one place very long due to work or voluntary travelling).  I have hundreds of photographs of beautiful places from all over the world that I could have used but using a subject that is less beautiful encouraged me think about my personal reaction to  place in art and to how this develops within the drawings (also see Turner drawings). Personally its also a reaction to a realisation that life is what happens whilst you makes plans and this by default is now my place.


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