Inspiration for Assignment 3

Landscape and townscape are completely out of my comfort zone and although I had several ideas for assignment 3 and I started doing research to expand these ideas further and look at how other artists had executed townscapes. I came across a lot of technically correct drawings drawn either with or without the perspective lines visible which I could have easily done but as I have been experimenting with marks I wanted to push myself further looking at fluidity of marks and being more expressive.

I then came across drawings on Satchi Art by current artist Douglas Roberts (British)  who also drawn construction scenes. He has played with perspective through use of mark making and line. Again with a lot of landscapes/Townscapes I am more interested in the sense, atmosphere and general representation of place.

Douglas Robert

Fig 1 Parkway Under construction Douglas Roberts Charcoal on paper.

I then researched “townscapes done in chalk” which again provided lots of whimsical drawings of perfect beautiful villages, cottages and towns. although they are all beautifully drawn/ presented drawings, it would be hard to use this to represent Crawley as that is not the type of town that Crawley is.

I then noticed this drawing by Turner of Venice Fireworks on the Molo which has a fantastic sense of place about it. Further to my earlier questioning about realism vs expression in drawing, this again made me question what would I prefer to see of certainly leave an afterthought in my mind if I was to view a variety of whimsical drawings verses sensual drawings and the answer would be Turners sensual drawings every time.

Venice: Fireworks on the Molo 1840 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

William Turner 1840 Venice: Fireworks on the Molo Watercolour, bodycolour and chalk on paper.

Between the inspiration of Turner and Roberts I started working out how to apply this to the composition that I wanted to use.

Fig 1

Fig 2 JWM Turner



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