Project 5 Townscapes Exercise 1 and 2

Exercise 2 Study of townscape using line

After watching a programme on Giacometti on Sky Arts Last night I felt really expressive today and despite the sensible side of me saying use a ruler, draw a neat scale drawing showing my understanding of perspective, I felt incredibly expressive so I went.  I have captured a likeness to the place and retained form and depth. I really enjoyed working expressively.  My town centre Queen’s Square in Crawley is under major construction at the moment so I decided to embrace this and include it within my drawings. Here is the final drawing.


Study of Townscape using line A2 mixed media

The first large drawing (below) was purely based on expression using different brush’s and lines. Although I could pick out the perspective lines it was harder to draw them straight with a brush.


Study of Townscape using Line A2 black ink

Here are the sketchbook of townscape drawings from Exercise 1


Further  A5 Sketch book drawings exploring the composition.


What I have learnt

Cropping  a larger image to find an interesting view point.

Editing objects and line within the view finder, drawing what is interesting or relevant to the overall composition.

Drawing perspective with a ruler and measurements I find fairly straightforward but to draw with a brush and to capture an image without the use of a ruler is much harder.

Overall its very challenging and will continue to practise and research perspective to improve this.

Just keep on drawing and see what happens. (Based on Robert Kaupelis drawing 50 portrait drawings to see what happens P121).





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