Project 3 Research Point Tacita Dean and George Suerat Comparison


Fig 1 Tacita Dean Fatigues 2012 Chalk on board (close up)

I started this exercise by comparing the images within my sketch book.Dean and seurat

Tacita Dean, British born 1965.

Fatigues are drawings of snow-capped mountains in Afghanistan and the Kabul River. When looking at the images and having viewed some of Tacita Deans work before I felt it was important to understand the concept or context behind the image; “Fatigues,” refers to Ms. Dean’s own exhaustion after completing a major commission for the Tate Modern, but it also hints at a military undercurrent. For more than a decade, Western soldiers have scoured these mountains, which have therefore weighed on America’s collective consciousness. She renders them as haunting forms”. (Russel 2013)

The Drawings are made chalk on blackboard where  “Ms. Dean has scrawled arrows and bits of text along the drawings, as if marking sketches for a film shoot: Snow melting, river swelling, tension rising, she writes in one piece, “flash flood” in another, which, save for a few whispers of chalk, is completely blank.”(Russel 2013)

What I have learnt/ points of interest

Interesting the joining line between the boards helps with the photographic quality of the drawings.

An interesting point learning point is that I do not believe that you need to visit a place to capture or create the sense of it (Tacita Dean did not visit Afghanistan, Peter Doig advises that he doesn’t particularly always paint one place). It certainly helps but it’s not a defining factor in the success of the eventual outcome.

Interestingly the context in which we live our current lives with the opportunities that technology and travel provide us with. I believe we are free to visit places physically or through technology as much as we please and then put in our art. 

Russel 2013 Tacita Dean Fatigues: at Mariam Goodman Gallery (accessed 2013)

Fig 1 Tacita Dean Fatigues 2012

Sketch book print George Seurat landscape with houses

Sketchbook print Tactita Dean Fatigues


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