A walk with Turner and Tate Britian

I have been trying to find places to draw, places that interest me however fate has intervene, during the last reseach points I looked at work by artists that were represting a thought or idea of a place unspecifically or a place without necessarily visiting it.

As I have currently hurt my back and do not want to loose momentum with the course I was feeling stumped at how to continue with the drawings of Bury Hill and complete 360 Degree sketches.

I was watching Sky Arts programe Tate Britian’s Great British Walks and felt really inspired by the “Walk” and photographic film images that were presented in the programme. So have done sketches of mulitple view points and cropped compositions of the scenes of Smailhom Tower that Turner painted.

The beauty of Turner is that he places you inside the canvas- but how does he do this? I belive its through light and composition. According to the programme Turner said that “the sun is God” (Tate, 2004).

Here are my skecthes and further developed image:

Developed Sketch of SmailHolm Tower, Scotland


Tuner JMW (Tate online) The Sun is God At:Tate [Online] http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/articles/sun-god (20th May 2017).


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