Response to Tutor Feedback Assignment 4

Response to Tutor feedback Assignment 4

Overall Comments

Please note Assignment 4 was agreed to be submitted before Assignment 3.

After receiving my written feedback for assignment 4 I sent some reflection and questions to my tutor ready for the Hangout. The hangout was extremely informative, very inspiring and clarified questions or direction that I needed.

In my tutors feedback she advised that there was “limited evidence of you following up some of the Research and Pointers, particularly in relation” to my “visual analysis and application of composition: Bonnard / Morandi”. After the hangout my tutor has sent me in the direction of looking at Morandi Still life’s and how he uses no  hierarchy among objects or between things and the space around them, this sounds fascinating so will ensure this is followed up by assignment 3 (4th submission). Although in regards to the rest of the research and pointers I had tried very hard to change ways of working and re- writing blogs to clarify information for example understanding of negative space and the Context of assignment 2 possible side effects. Despite being on several Gallery visits and student days, not visiting the Welcome Collection as per assignment 1’s feedback is purely a temporary logistical situation.

I am really pleased that it has been noted that “The portfolio generally evidences a sound development in confidence, an awareness and practice of some good observational skills”, “This experimentation is beginning to feed into other drawings and the assignment piece.  There is evidence that you are taking what you learn from the exercises and experiments and purposefully applying this to other drawings”.

I think my tutor is correct in identifying that I am “still not recording fully, your breadth of research and analysis”, I do so much reading and watching documentary’s that a lot gets disregarded as it isn’t currently relevant, however I think it will be good practise to start documenting what I am doing even if I have nothing to critic, analyse or particularly relevant to say.

Again my tutor has correctly identified that I need more commentary as to how my research informs my drawings, I do this in my head and need to make this clearer in my blog. I do a lot of my workings out so quickly, intuitively and sometimes it’s almost on a subconscious level that I need to slow down and display all of this in my blog for the OCA Assessors to see.

I have enjoyed setting aims for my assignments and for some of the exercises it has helped me to be more focused. The following comment shows I am heading in the right direction “You are making some qualitative judgements on your own work- this is a start to defining possible strengths, areas for development and improvement” and understand that at this stage some of my comments are general and will work to make sure they are more specific to focus on particular qualities, techniques and approaches that you can further explore and develop.

Feedback from Assignment 4

I was really pleased with the feedback and positive/ constructive comments mentioned by my tutor especially that the areas that I had tried to be successful were noted like “possible compositions, exploring cropping-in, colour saturation, qualities of mark-making and texture via drawing and digital manipulation”. “You have approached the A1 sheet with a decisive and bold composition, by cropping into the image you have ensured the figure confidently inhabits the space of the page.  You have used varied qualities of wash, line and drip to provide visual interest and a reflective mood to the drawing”.

The proportions of the heads in two of the pieces needs a little more work (common error) which after stepping back from being engrossed in the work and letting a few weeks pass I can now clearly see.

“There are some really interesting and experimental drawings in your sketchbook.  These show a confidence in your use of mixed media and exploration in a range of visual language.  Particularly the life drawing: gesso on newspaper with ink.” This particular drawing was one of my favourites and with time can now see how to develop this further.  My tutor has asked me to compare and analyse both the gesso (how the viewer sees) and collage in my sketch book and revisiting (added pointers) the marks (will add to my blog) from the small digital image (guitarist) also in my sketchbook.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the student visits and research I conduct and although It has been noted that I am improving (I tried very hard) I need to now deepen my approach further and show more analysis and questioning. “How can I apply what I learn from my research to my own work…. what can I take to inform and benefit my drawing practice, thinking and content of my ideas? “.

I will of course follow-up on the pointers, recommended reading and research the assessment guidelines.

Overall I am feeling more confident that I am identifying drawings (or ideas) that have potential to mature or expand.  I am getting the ideas and inspiration more rapidly as the processes of development, analysis and questioning are really helping accelerate this.


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