Project 4 Perspective Exercise 2 Angular Perspective (Defeated by books)

I started this exercise yesterday, where I loosely sketched some books and then a house outside my daughters school.

This morning I have sat and completed the second part of the exercise to draw the eye level/ horizon line and then the parallel lines that should meet at eye level.

This was a lot harder than I expected and at first thought I had been defeated by the books! The first sketch I did was looking down and then the second sketch was looking on. I identified the horizon line wrong which unsettled the rest of the lines.  I re drew them in green but them struggled with the shape of the top of the book the same way I struggled with the top of the garages. As the vanishing points were off the page I wanted to see how they met so I did some research to clarify my understanding.

I found a drawing on which I translated to make a 5 point plan to help me tackle angular perspective going forward. As with the previous exercise there was a massive learning point with adding measurements and construction lines as part of the drawing help the overall perspective and depth. As the course progresses I will keep re checking my learning on perspective to ensure theory is being correctly applied to my drawings.

What I have learnt

FullSizeRender (1)

  • The books will have different vanishing points because they are positioned differently, which also depends on the position of drawing the objects (sitting/standing/ looking down/ up).
  • Objects above the horizon line will have vanishing points below.

Initial sketches

  • The perspective of the house is wrong as it sat differently in the view from the car window.
  • Using the car window is an interesting frame/ changes the context of the drawing.
  • Continually revisit Parallel and Angular perspective when studying Townscapes.



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