Project 3 Composition Exercise 1 Developing my studies

Looking at my preparatory skecthes I have a couple of ideas I want to explore and develop further. The first was that I had to get this exploration of Van Goghs marks out of my system.  So I used the composition from my drawings at Bury Hill to explore this further.

Ink A3
Vincent Van Gogh
Fig 1 Vincent van Gogh 1888 Landscape near Montmajour with Train  Pen and brown ink, over black chalk and graphite

Looking the two images comparitivly. I can see that I have used darker marks at the rear, where as Van Gogh’s composition has an even portrayal of the darker marks. If anything the darker marks are at the front. The brown ink I used is a different tone. I found the Trees very difficult to draw/ imitate and need to be more mindful of smudging the ink next time. I think I need to put darker marks at the front of the composition.

Its interesting to compare the images side by side and I am really pleased I have explored this idea so that I can move on hopeully taking the Van Gogh’s marks with me.


Fig 1 Vincent van Gogh 1888 Landscape near Montmajour with Train. (accessed 1/5/17).


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