Project 2 Landscape

Further to a hangout with my Tutor last night I have decided to focus on how I can develop personally from each exercise.

With the brief of exercise of exercise 2 and 3 in my head here are some sketches from the top of  Bury Hill, Amberly in West Sussex.  It has personal significance to me as I drive through there when visiting my family in Hampshire. My 91 year old Grandfather always asks me if have driven that way, every time I see him and commenting on how much he likes it there.

Sketch book Graphite and pen A4/ A5

What I have learnt/ Questions

These quick sketches are a good starting point and I have been very conscious of the overal composition when selcting the area to draw. I need to be more selective with  forground, middle ground, backgrounds.

I tried to convey depth and some tone. Although I have this battle in my head between drawing realism and expression. I enjoyed making the expressive marks more.

How do I use different marks to represent different texture, tone, foliage, grass, tree’s and depth. How have other artists done this.

Whilst sketching I had images of Paul Nash’s Drawings from the recent Tate exhibition and drawings from the bridget Riley study day and repeating in my head especially the Vincent Van Gogh drawings.

How to convey colour: My tutor asked me to “look at Theodore Gericault’s drawings: studies for The Raft of the Medusa and his anatomical drawings.  Look at how he uses tonal washes and line to work out his composition, tonal values and convey form”…. How do I convey this into my drawings.

Other thoughts- negative space, what do I want to capture within my landscape realism, expression… sense of place.







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