Vija Celmins

Regretfully I have  explored this artist after undergoing the Cloud formations and tone exercise. The use of tone and atmosphere in Vija Celmins work is very inspiring and going back to the thoughts that I had in the last blog that I would have created a better tonal range in my drawings using pencil. Vija Celmins broad range of tone is subtle and results in a photo realistic images.

Sky 1975 by Vija Celmins born 1938

Fig 1 Vija Celmins Sky 1975 Lithograph on paper

I watched the recommended Video and did a quick scan of an article on the Tate website to clarify my understanding the artist had painting the found objects (stones and rocks) again appeared so subtle and that the marks could have been created by nature. Article researched

This video has answered a question I had from the drawings I did of several Tree’s on thermal photographs and around my understanding of drawing on an objects or my case a photograph. “Is there a rule or a boundary to working, drawing or developing with pre existing images or objects?”.  Vija Celmins describes it perfectly and inspiringly ” Re describing what I see”(Celmins, 2011), there is a clear distinction between a realistic image and imagined image that can be developed and experimented in art.

Fig 1 Vija Celmins Sky 1975 (accessed 01/05/17)

Celmins V, 2011 Desert, Sea and stars At: (accessed 01/05/17)


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