Project 2 Lanscape Exercise 1 Cloud Formation and Tone

Drawing clouds has always fascinated me although it again seems daunting.

What I learnt:

  • Building up tones of blues for the sky and whites through to grays for the clouds using soft and hard pastels.
  • Different posts, blogs and you tube video’s advised differently to drawing outlines of the clouds or not.
  • Where the light falls and high lights are important.
  • Marks indicating tonal range

“There is no right or wrong way to depict something as fleeting and formless as a cloud – only interesting ways” OCA Coursebook P 64.

I found this exercise very hard. I would have gotten better results if I had used charcoal or graphite pencil which are my stronger ‘go to mediums’ this would have created a better tonal range.  I want to push myself using a medium I am a novice with (hard Pastel). The results are more ‘Saturday morning craft club’ however there are elements of development between the two drawings and I have captured depth.  Using a coloured paper with tooth was easier to bring out the white highlights. I like the erratic marks in the clouds in graphite like barbed wire. More work needed to develp this skill and despite knowing the above quote, I still tried to find form and then struggled to represent the softness. I have made loads of notes and ideas for further development in my sketch book.

A5 Drawings in Hard Pastel x 2 and graphite sketch


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