Part 3 Project 1 Trees

Exercise 1 and 2 Individual Tree’s

I am a complete novice at landscape and drawing the outside in general. It feels very daunting as a subject and have already spent two weeks procrastinating choosing which tree to draw. I got caught up in thoughts around the presence and characteristics of individual trees and how to represent them. To feel more familiar I envisioned a Tree similar to drawing the human figure. I found the silhouette of the tree fairly straight forward. I struggled initially to pick out branches from my chosen tree and surrounding trees. After initial thoughts of how to draw leaves I did brief research on this subject (see sketch book).

Exercise 1 Sketch book


Exercise 2 Larger observational study of an individual tree (Graphite A3)

I think the drawing is a beautiful representation of a tree however I am curious of how different marks and styles can represent the same form and detail? Creating depth further? I am still unsure of the representation of the darker curved branch which had no light on it.

Exercise 1 and 2 What I have learnt

  • To identify the light source
  • How the foliage forms in masses around the tree, especially conducting a visual study in spring where the tree is still sparse from leaves in some areas.
  • Negative space between foliage and branches allows distance and depth.
  • I found editing the tree to select and simplify the detail depending on the distance I was from the tree and the light.

Exercise 3 Study of Several Trees

I have approached this exercise slightly differently.

I have been working on a personal photographic project that involves photographing images and scenes from my TV (not yet documented on my blog).

With this exercise in mind I photographed still images from David Attenborough’s Wild City programme in Singapore. On my computer I then edited the photograph to find a composition that focuses on a narrowing viewpoint and to remove references of my sky pause button and TV channel. Printing them off I have then experimented with the idea of using the printer ink as a medium along with other effects.

IMG_4538IMG_4539 (1)IMG_4540 (1)

Thermal 1Thermal 3Thermal 2

Exercise 2 Several Trees Thermal Trees/Path Mixed Media 6 x A5 images

I really like the contrast of the Thermal Images as photographs however when printed the ink changes the colours which I have then manipulated using various mediums. The several tree drawings have made me question what is considered by peers the boundary or development of working with an already created images?

Exercise 3 What I have learnt

  • I have experimented with using line thickness, marks and tone to distinguish the trees, tree species, separate spaces between them, mass of foliage and light.
  • I have unintentionally created a pointillist effect (more research needed to progress this).
  • I think to select and simplify when drawing groups of trees allows for  a little artistic license. I tend to focus on the thicker lines of the branches, outline shapes created, negative space then to finer detail. Dividing the trees to have a foreground, middle ground and background within the composition.

4 thoughts on “Part 3 Project 1 Trees

  1. Hi Alison, it was great meeting you in Oxford and I really enjoyed looking at your study of trees . Some remind me of a photo negative but in colour. Think you are onto something there, they are really intriguing. Kate Griffin


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