Reflection Part 4 and Assignment 4

I have thouroughly enjoyed part 4 I really enjoy drawing the human figure its so challenging and I get so much inspiration, I wish the whole course was figure drawing….

Drawing in pencil or charcoal line drawings I think is overall the strongest medium’s I am demonstraing, I am also enjoying and developing a mixed media approach that allows for more freedom of expression within my mark making.

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills

I think I am progressing well, developing strong visual and technical skills and demonstrating visual awareness. Initially in part 4 the proportions on the figures needed improving and more looking, drawing and use of measuring devices has helped. I still need more practise with the face especially the eyes and staying away from drawing charactures. I really have prioritised trying to draw what I see and make good judgements on drawing of the proportions of the Human figure. I think that if I can master this the experimental element of how to present the figures will be almost easy. I have read Robert Kaupelis Experimental drawings focusing on use of line and marks which I has been really influential (although have not undertaken the exercises from the book yet). Reading Vitamin D (despite the disappointing small text) was insightful to the different ways of contemporary drawing.

Learning to draw from drawings (study day) will be an experience that will stay with me going forward and attending the Paul Nash Exhibition was also beneficial.

I think I still need to improve my compositional skills. Using the 6 x A5 drawings helped and I am still tentative with using a detailed background for example placing a person in a heavily detailed room. Understanding compositional arrangement and the research I did have really helped but think I need to move forward and experiment more with this.

I still want to document more evidence of the research I have done, I still have on my to do list to vist the Welcome Gallery, research the flesh exhibition (not able to attend at present) and finish watching John Berger Ways of Seeing.

Quality of Outcome

I hope the content, application of knowledge, presentation of work is in a coherent manner and am starting to form good judegements.

Demonstration of Creativity

There had to be a strong element of imagination to get the marks used for the Grey Man drawings to work with the drawing and overall composition. Although I expect the techniques I have used have been used by other artists (no research done) the end result of my drawings have been purely a consequence of my own experimentation. Experimentation of technical, creative, sketch book development and developing drawings from the exercises through to the assignments. I feel more confident to progress an idea and make judgements on when to stop with a drawing (not overwork).


I have implemented the feedback from the last assignment along with the pointers to demonstrate how, purpose,content and focusing on my interests by incorporating music into my drawings. A tutor hangout has been scheduled after Assignment 4’s (third assignment) feedback and further improvements will hopefully be evident in the next part of the course (landscape).

By using better organisational skills, using lists and mind maps to draft thoughts. I hope is evident that I am improving ways of working. I feel more confident in the prcoess of working, updating my blog and generally feel more confident in my drawing abilities.



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