Assignment 4 – Figure Study using Line


The aim of this assignment was to create three dimensional form using line, ensuring the human figure is drawn/captured in proportion and create a successful contour line drawing with atmosphere.

Assignment 4 -Line Final Version


Seated Model in an Upright Chair- Coloured Pencil, Chalk, white charcoal on A1 black paper.

After reading Robert Kaupelis “Experimental Drawing Techniques” and attending the British museum study day I have been really interested in the different marks used by artists especially regarding line. And subsequently the effects they make.

After reading the assignment brief I immediately thought of David Hockney’s Contour drawing of “Henry Geldzabler” 1973. Inspired by Hockney and reading about Albrecht Durer “Portrait of Agnes” c.1494 and Egon Schiele “Self-Portrait” 1910 in “Experimental Drawing Techniques” gave a clear direction to aim  for.

I have created depth and form by varying the thickness of the lines  and different Media (chalk, white charcoal and coloured pencil on black paper). Overall I have created an atmospheric ghostly image that is a proportionally correct self portrait of my younger self (inspired by the portrait from memory exercise).

I decided to keep to use the black paper and white media for this assignment as I took onboard interim feedback from Joanne Mullvihill- Allen “to limit your palette to one colour – white for example” and from the Exercise Essential Elements where I explored marks with white on black paper.


Drawing exploring marks and media based on drawing by artist Shane Wolf

After I completed the initial contour lines (below stage 1) using a photo on my computer I played around with different effects on Microsoft photo editor deliberating backgrounds (as per tutor recommendation) however ultimately I think the drawing is successful as a contour drawing with tentative grounding line as a background.

Stage 1


 Study of David Hockneys Henry Geldzabler 1973

2 thoughts on “Assignment 4 – Figure Study using Line

  1. Fantastic stuff – you must be really pleased?! I’m just starting out on Assignment Four – so it was really interesting scrolling through the work you did. I think this white on black is my favourite (especially her right foot – it looks like she’s just shifted the weight to her big toe – really movement!), and of course Guitar Man is lovely too!


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