Personal Voice and Mark Landis

From assignment 1 feedback my tutor asked me to read the OCA article on we are OCA- Personal Voice. Here is the Link to the article:

I think previously I have been interpreting personal voice as a style or technique that is familiar to each artist which I think is evident in my current work.  I am still a little tentative to fully claim as strong understand of what personal voice is but I will revisit this article over the duration of the course especially as currently I am year 1 student and need more time for my own ‘voice’ to develop naturally.

After reading the article Personal Voice  I watched the emmey award-winning documentary about Mark Landis.

Mark Landis had a 30 year career as forging artwork and giving it to museums as he enjoyed acting as a philanthropist in the process of donating the art.

This program documents Mark Landis’s life as he confronts being exposed as one of the most famous art forger. It documents the critics that are angry with Mark Landis, people in his life, reasons for his philanthropy such as his mental health and need for validation. It also documents the people trying to stop him and Aaron Cowan, director of the DAAP Galleries at the University of Cincinnati. Cowan along with others set up an exhibition of Mark Landis work (forgery) and some originals to address the matter of forgery and specifically expose Mark Landis. “Faux Real” exhibition took place in spring 2012  with Landis himself as guest of honour. It was questioned by many bystanders in the programme to Landis asking “why don’t you now produce your own work?”.

I admire Mark Landis’s exploration of copying the paintings and techniques he would have gained. There is a level of skill there even if it was being done for the wrong reasons.

Looking at Mark Landis and with personal voice in mind coul it be argued that Mark Landis personal voice was he used art to communicate I am a philanthropist? His interested was in  being mentally validated through art. Quoted on his website “Painting gives him purpose, and opens endless doors to meaningful human connection” (friends of Mark Landis). I am still learning about personal voice and possibly looking at a concept that isnt there with Mark Landis, however it is an interesting debate.

Quote from the OCA article, “ the development of ‘personal voice’, i.e. making work that’s conceptually sophisticated, personally motivated and contemporarily convincing.” (Peter, 2016)

Peter (2016), Personal voice At: (accessed 23/03/17).

Friends Of Mark Landis (2014)  About Mark Landis At: (accessed  23/03/17).



2 thoughts on “Personal Voice and Mark Landis

  1. Thanks for alerting me to this article and the connected material… I guess I’ve been hoping that doing the course would help me to finding and using my personal voice. But it’s early days yet…


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