Assignment 2 Aim and Context


As I had explored Medicine as a still life subject matter for assigment 1 I wanted to continue the  theme of medicine and health. I had been heavily influenced by art installation Pharmacocopeia 2003 by a collaborative group of artists known as Cradle to Grave.

I had an idea to use or investigate drawing on non absorbant packaging.  Specifically medical packaging. I felt it was a strong way to represent myself in the still life as the medicine packaging was from medicines I or my family had taken. The chosen medium had to work on non absorbant packaging but I was also interested in the mark making created and using a less popular medium as sharpies (permenant markers) are.

After I had established the aim of drawing on medical packaging I then looked at what would be the content of the composition, objects for the still life. Previously in the coursework I had researched Vanitas still life and I also wanted to explore Art symbolism and objects that had been commonly  used throughout still life history.

The main aim of this assignment was to portray a still life scene that represented health (why we take medicine) and mortality.

I wanted the viewer to questions or think about how health is portrayed by society around us ” what is good for us or not”- The possible side effects of medicne and effects of what is currently being considered as healthy for our bodies.

Art Symbolism vs Representation by Society or Medicine.

Skull- Death

Apples- Immortality and Health

Red Wine blood

Lily (Plant) Purity, it is also my daughters name

The mirror represents self awareness, medicine bottle simply representing medicine and 4.possible side effects (name of the assignment) represents that the possible side effects are always listed as no.4 on the leaflet.

I was hoping to stimulate thoughts about health,  mortality, why we take medicine and what are the effect of taking medicne vs the side effects through this piece of art. There is also a slight element of humour, by portrying wine (alchohol) on medicine packaging with the packaging transparently showing through the medium used. Questionably if we all eat the apples (5 a day fruit and veg) as reccomended would there be as much of a need to take medicines in the first place.  What is pure or good for us?  Ultimately which ever route or interpretation of health everyone has it will eventually lead to death.. we all have the same destination.



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