Project 4 Exercise 1 The Structure of the Human Body And Research

This exercise was to loosly sketch some of the structures that make up the human body using my own body and looking at images on line. The exercise wanted me to fill pages in my sketch book of small studies. I have thorougly enjoyed this exercise and researching artist Laura Ferguson.

I predominantly drew from images that  I found and tried to draw them in an interesting way, I enjoyed exploring different ways of using drawing to capture muscle and parts of the body.

Research Point

Look at historic and contemporary artists whose work involves the underlying structure of the human body.

The most obvious artist that is associated with detailed drawings of the body especially its underlying structures is Leonardo Divinci. Leonardo Di Vininci disected bodies to capture the anatomy of the human body.  The drawings themselves apart from being poportionally correct are also stunning. The name for my blog “Artista” comes from watching the fictional TV program based on Leonardo Di Vinci’s inventions and art. His character in the program to as Artista.

Fig 1 and 2 Leonardo Di Vinci

“An artist in the world of medcine” (Ferguson, 2016)


Fig 3 Laura Ferguson Crouching Figure with visable skeleton  (approx) 1994

The above drawing is part of Laura Fergusons Visable Skeleton Series. The artist on her website was inspired by suffereing from scoliosis Laura Ferguson;”I found myself fascinated by the intricate beauty of the human skeleton and intrigued by the visual possibilities of a body that was beautiful but flawed”(Ferguson, 2016). I feel quite inspired by this series of drawings and the technical skill involved to produce them. I like the subtlety and use of media of how she has exposed the skeleton without making it obvious or crass.

I absolutely love how she creates the work using a tecnique which she calls “The floating Colours process”(Ferguson, 2016).air-airways-2a_mult3b-bl_cell-dkblu_lines

Fig 4 Laura Ferguson Blue Airways with floating colours (anterior view)

The artist floats oil paint mixed with bronze power on water then transfers the image to the flaoting paper.  She repeats the process to build layers of colours and textures. She then draws on the paper with mixed media (Pastel, pencil, charcoal and oil crayon). She drew from her own xrays and ct images.I spent a considerable amount of time on this artists website, she is american an currently teaches Art and Anatomy.


Fig 5 Pavel Tchelitchew The Living Shell 1944

20th Centuary Russian Artist Pavel Tchelitchew was a painter, costume and set designer. I am unsure of how correct the anatomy and veins are in this painting but it has been captured in an illuminating way.

More drawings


Fig 1 Leonardo Divinci,

Fig 2 Leonardo Divinci,

Fig 3 Laura Ferguson Visable Skeleton Series

Fig4 Laura Ferguson Drawing from medical images

Fig 5 Pavel Tchelitchew The Living Shell 1944

Ferguson, L 2016, The Visable Skeleton series: a visible autobiography- the life story of my body Online: (accessed 18/03/2017)



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