Hands and Tone

I am starting to do drawings for Project 4 Structure Exercise 1 The Structure of the Human Body. I started by drawing my left hand. I was suprised at how many times I had to change the initial sketch to get the structure and proportions of the hand correct.


Mapping structures (above) the smallest finger is incorrect.

original hand

Final Image (Above) A4 pencil, graphite, carbon drawn using my normal instinctual style. I then wanted to practise tonal range in preperation for Assignment 4, so I photocopied the image and used pencil, charcoal and carbon pencil to see what happened without the risk of ruining the original drawings.

Photocopy hand charcoal

(Above) A4 Photocopy ink, charcoal and pencil.

Photo copy hand pencil

(Above) A4 Photocopy ink, Predomiantly shaded pencil, graphite and carbon.


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