Exercise 2 Three Figure Drawings

The aim I had for this exercise was to ensure the proportions were right and then experiment with line, tone in preperation for Assignmnet 4.


Final result Standing A2 with white tinted charcoal- 1.5 hours (excluding prep)


Final Results Sitting- The Grey Man A2 Mixed Media- 1.5 hours (excluding prep).


Final Results Lounging A2 Blue Pencil 1 hour (from life drawing class) (Currently in an Exhibition at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley).

I think I have made interesting studies of the figures to show I have understood the basic structural principals of the human figure and have been able to incorportate theese into 3 different styles and approaches.

As this exercise for me was very much a exploration exercise for the assignment, I have spent weeks looking at stance, posture, movement and stillness of the figure at my life class.

Make and honest statement:

How accurately did you depict the overallproportions of the figure?

I think I have captured the overall proportions really well. The Standing pose feet are still not exact and the sitting pose needs more work on the hands and less work on the face.

The Lounging nude- focused on foreshortening and different angles, although I completed this for my life class I wanted to submit for this exercise as I believe it to be a very successful drawing.

The Standing Figure-  I wanted to show I had thought about the skeleton and muscular structure (as per brief). I have also looked closley and tried to interept the shapes around the room.

The Seated- The Grey Man- This was extremely optomistic for the 1.5 hour time frame suggested especially having not worked with Ink on larger A2 paper before.It meant I  was rushing with getting the proportions of the hands. I also at one point got a likeness in the face and then unfortunately overworked the black ink. I think I have captured a sense of the situation. However I think the final intention got lost in trying to stick to the time frame.

Did imagining the sitters skeleton and muscles help to convey the figures structure and form?  Yes expecially with the standing and lounging pose.

Preparatory work.

In absence of a life model the standing pose is my interpretation of an image I found searching for standing figures to capture (I would have prefered a photograph) however this (stunning) drawing by artist Shane Wolf on pinterest explored the muscular structure that I really wanted to capture. Drawing from a drawing isnt something I have explored before, appropriating, homaging other artists is an interesting subject. Here is the link to the original image: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/491455378067503352/

Here is the image from my sketch book of working out compositions of Musician The Grey Man taken from clips of different videos of live performances on You tube.I spent a significant amount of time changing the colour of the images in photo editor and drawing lines on the photo to crop them and find a composition to create. Here is the link to one of his video’s:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6nY9-sUth0

I really enjoyed this exercise and hoped I have documented the process of how I cropped photo’s for the composition, however I am seeing the benefit of working with thumbnail sketches too. The final compositions for the lounging and sitting figure are both drawings I will revisit, re try at a future point.


4 thoughts on “Exercise 2 Three Figure Drawings

  1. Really challenging figures you chose for this exercise! And your drawings are very different, but all very appropriate for the subjects. Impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

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