Project 3 Exercise 3 Stance

For this exercise I am submitting some quick sketches in my sketch book and some 5 minute sketches of different poses done in my life drawing class.  I am attending my life class every week and there is always an exercise on standing I am also aware that there is another exercise later on to spend more time on capturing a person standing.

What I have learnt:

Use foreshortening to capture weight.                                                                                     Thickness of line can be used to weight areas of the body to indicate where the weight lies. Use Automical planes to understand proportions of the body and how it bares weight.

Sketch book drawings exploring stance


Life Class drawing exploring stance..

I like the idea of continually drawing different positions of the same figure on the same sheet of paper, it gives the drawing further narrative. Compositionally some of the figures needed to have come lower down on the page so that there heads arnt chopped off. Also if doing sequences again I will keep the proportions or size of each figure the same (the two figures at the rear have been drawn larger/ out of proportion).

Stance/ Group of Figures from my life drawing class.IMG_3963


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