Project 3 Exercise 4 Energy

I have really enjoyed the mark making experimenation for this exercise. This exercise has encorporated everything that I love, drawing, music and dancing.

I continually watched this video on you tube of Miranda Kim dancing to Elastic Heart by Sia ( I always listen to Music when I am drawing). The music was inspiring to draw to as well as trying to capture the beautiful movement of contemporary ballet . is the link to the video: 

I started just making sweeping marks using a mixture of graphite pencil, carbon pencil and charcoal as per the exercise brief.

A3 in sketch book

After completeing the initial sketches I experimented within the sketch to try and answer the questions I had asked in the previous blog post “what different marks can be used to create energy?”. I have discovered that sweeping marks work well as do tentative gestural marks and using tone to almost inprint onto the paper where the dancer has been previously. I have also attempted to capture different tone by making  different marks. The music from the video I thought was very emotibe and I have also used this to inspire the marks I have made.

image1 (1)
Various grades of pencil on A2, this was the first Sketch (above) that developed further.

Finally I really liked this pose which I took a still and drew from the photograph. I would have loved to have drawn Contemporary Ballet Dancers from life and can completetly understand Degas facination with capturing traditional Ballet Dancers. As I was drawing from a photograpgh I divided the photo into 4 sections along the horizon to capture the proportions correctly, otherwise the drawing was captured purely from observation.

Pencil on A2

I could continue with this exercise (colour, texture, backgrounds, further mediums) however I think this is something I will possibly revist for part 5 as lots of ideas are flowing.

Experimentng on scraps of paper with ink and watercolourIMG_3966.JPG







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