Assignment 2 Tutor Feedback

Overall Comments

Thank you for the care taken in preparing and organising your portfolio.  The portfolio was supported by a link to the learning log.

I will comment upon specific aspects under each of the headings.  In relation to you reflecting on and responding to feedback at assigment 1: there is some evidence of you following up some of the Research and Pointers suggested.  However it would benefit you to re-visit each point regarding Research:  Analysis of both Morandi / Bonnard compositions and applying this to your own prep drawings.  You seem confused between ‘background’ and ‘negative space’.

You have explored a broad range of media in the assignment attempting to combine heavily printed packaging with a range of ‘wet’ media.  This was a bold attempt to manage and manipulate visually busy and conflicting material qualities.

There are some subtle and laboured approaches to drawing, where you evidence more subtleties in considering both the object and the space in which it sits.  In exercise 1: Detail and bone / Veg. Here you explore a range of mark-making qualities to create form, shadow and texture.

Composition and tonal development needs to be built upon through a regular practice.  It isn’t your ‘natural’ style, but creating new habits will bring more confidence and help you to observe more and create composition that work successfully.  At the moment you’re not using your prep stage to do a lot of the working-out of composition, tonal range and areas for the drawing to be open.

Overall the portfolio shows a development in confidence and take some bold risks.

Assignment 2 Assessment potential

 “I understand your aim is to go for the B.A Creative Arts Degree and that you plan to submit your work for assessment at the end of this course. From the work you have shown in this assignment, providing you commit yourself to the course, I believe you have the potential to succeed at assessment. In order to meet all the assessment criteria, there are certain areas you will need to focus on, which I will outline in my feedback.”

assessment (see Conditions of Enrolment, Section 2 a). Contact the OCA Course Advisors to discuss this further.

   Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

You have shown competency across a range of media.  There is evidence of you carefully selecting  both the pharma packaging and the ‘vanitas’ objects.  You clearly wished to create a symbolic narrative in the piece.

It would have been a useful part of your planning and prep stage, for you to have reflected upon your choice and what / how did you hope these differing elements could convey either context or meaning.  If you begin with some very clear aims / intentions- this will help you more clearly focus on conveying them. (Pointers)

It would be good to see you construct your final drawings and think about potential composition, flow and tone at the prep stage.  You didn’t seem to explore any options for composition, prior to the piece: the wine glass remained dead-centre, apple and plant pot in exact same position.  (Pointers)

I recommend that you take images of the assignment piece at each stage of its development.  It might help you to see clearly- what is working in the drawing.  It might also guide you in allowing some aspects of the drawing to be less-worked.  Post these to your log ( in future submissions) remember the process of development, reflection and thinking, are as important as the final piece.  This process also helps you to gain some objectivity and distance better to reflect on the working process.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

Some interesting small, exploratory drawings such as the white ink , medical instruction and black paper. There is a subtle, minimal touch here in contrast to the assignment piece.

Use your sketchbook to fully test-out and explore: a breadth of compositions, varied range of tonal qualities, a range of both subtle and bold mark-making options and consider your choice of palette at the prep stage.  Ask what these convey and communicate in form, lighting, mood, atmosphere  and desired content or narrative.  (Pointer)

Some use of ‘mind-mapping’ and diagrams to make clear connections between research and genres.


Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

Evidence of some research into drawing processes such as cross-hatching, life-drawing and further experimentation with processes and technique.

You’ve undertaken an historical overview of vanitas research, with well referenced examples on the blog.  What would have been useful would to draw some clear and useful analogies from the research and how this informed your assignment choices and application i.e: comment on how and in what way it was of use / purpose.  (Pointers)

Good Harvard referencing throughout.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

A well organised and structured blog reflecting your progress and development.

It is useful that you’re using the log as an archive of your process, recording exercises and drawings.  It would really benefit your critical thinking and drawing process to use it more regularly, as a reflective space.  This will help you appreciate and understand the qualities in your drawing and make decisions on how to develop your own work.

There is a tendency in your critical thinking / analysis to refer to ‘what’ you did.  Ask yourself more questions and comment on ‘how’ and what purpose or content you can bring to the drawings. This is in relation to your personal interests, needs and desires – beyond the specific tasks for each assignment.  (Pointers)

Suggested reading/viewing


** Assignment 1 feedback: Revisit Research suggestions on Morandi / Bonnard including analysis and applying to your prep compositions.

** Follow up on the Wellcome Trust suggestion from Assignment 1 feedback.

Pointers for the next assignment

  • Reflect critically on this feedback in your learning log.
  • Set yourself some clear aims / intentions before you start the assignment (in addition to the assignment tasks). Ask yourself what are trying to convey / communicate?  This will help you more clearly achieve the context / narrative / symbolic content…you seek.
  • Critical thinking: You have some evidence of analysis and critical reflection on your work. The work will benefit from deepening this reflection, analysis and setting aims. Try and write less on ‘what you do’ but more on what you’re aiming to explore, convey and communicate- then how you might explore this.
  • Work out options for composition, negative space / object relationship, mark-making and tonal range in your preliminary drawings- as recommended try 6 x A5 before starting the assignment work.

Please inform me of how you would like your feedback for the next assignment.   Written or video/audio

Well done, I look forward to your next assignment.

Tutor name Cheryl Huntbach
Date 24/02/17
Next assignment due 10/04/17



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