At Home Exercise 3 Material Differences

I really struggled with the brief for exercise 2 and 3 of the at home section. I was completely engrossed in Assignment 2 at the time and after reflection it has really been annoying me that I had not completed this exercise (although I arguably explored the learning points in my sketch book). I really struggled to feel inspired to find just one interior focal point. I started my completing the four sketches (as per exercise 2 Composition an interior) of the place I felt the most drawn too. (my dressing table).ex-2

Exercise 2 Composition an Interior.

I keep trying to push myself to discover my capabilities with differing results. The brief ask me to think of the best materials for the exercise, I find this such a narrow view as I think is no right or wrong material to be used? I like that different pencil, Biro, black ink, coloured pencil and hard pastels can create atmosphere and represent textures differently and successfully. Heavily inspired by the results from the research point- interiors I decided to continue with the idea I had had in my sketch book.


Sketch book Interior research.


My Bedroom Exercise 2 Material Differences. A2 Biro, Pencil, Hard Pastle, Ink and fine pen.

I regretfully wished I used A1 paper and added further sections. I wish I had swapped the top right hard pastel area for the left fine pen area to break up the colour. Again I could explore this idea further… Conscious of moving on with the coursework.



4 thoughts on “At Home Exercise 3 Material Differences

  1. Yes! I echo Sue’s comments and also share your frustration at having to stop before you are ready to get it in the post. I am constantly aware of the days ticking over and having to stop just at the point where I have touched on something interesting. I wonder, and hope that part of the learning process is that we start to reach that point earlier with each exercise? It would be nice to think so!


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