Project 3 Form Exercise 2 Essential Elements

This exercise was to draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each. Focusing on tone (lightest and darkest areas) to create form. I really enjoyed enjoyed this exercise, I found it fascinating to capture the different tones and how this translate the form of the figure.

With a lack of a real model I drew from the models on this website which is a fantastic tool for this kind of exercise (I only drew models that had one clear light source as per the brief).

The six drawings are loaded in order of completion.

Pencil A3 (drawing from life class)
Charcoal A3
Conte A3
Pencil A4
Pencil/ Wash A4
Pencil A3

I managed to build up the different tonal values however I think I could have gone darker quicker (and marked the background quicker).The paper I used for the charcoal and the conte sticks was too smooth and think  the overall image would have been more interesting if the paper I used had had more tooth. I should of created  darker areas with broader sweeps, however this is the difficulty with marking out the proportions and keeping creating tone in only a ten minute time frame.
As the drawings progressed I actually found using the shadows to create shapes of tone helped mark out the proportions. I found it really interesting seeing how the tones reflect muscle and capture different body parts. The final drawing (of the back of the model sitting) I started by focusing on the deepest tones of her back and working outwards.
I think all the drawings have a sense of weight and three-dimensional form.
The sketch of the leaning women in red pencil  gives the best sense of the pose because the darker tones have reflected where the heaviest part of the body rests.
All the drawings have some movement away from the central axis (even if its a slight twist of the stomach or leaning). I identified it easily and hope it is evident in the drawings. With reflection I think the legs are too long in th first three drawings.


6 thoughts on “Project 3 Form Exercise 2 Essential Elements

  1. Quite a catalogue of how media and grounds affect everything! I really like the pencil A4 because of the lovely head, neck, chest area, and the skin and cloth delineation with the conte.

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