Project 2 Proportion Exercise 1 Quick Studies

I went armed today to my life drawing class with some of the exercises in the back of my mind. However I then re-read this exercise to realize that from my sketches I have been to quick to put the outlines of the figure in (often causing the proportions to be wrong). It is evident in some sketches but I need to work at building smaller marks first.  I did however experiment with different ways of building structure, using structure lines and building shapes. This is my third life class,skills like looking at what I see is improving and I am finding negative space easier to identify. I am staring to build an understanding of the size of the head in relation to the hands, chest and feet. I will continue this exercise in my sketch book, marking out points of the figure first, keeping the marks looser, marking shapes and avoid drawing outlines. I want to do some research on structure lines and other tools to build proportion within the figure.

I managed to move to different positions around the room and experiment with charcoal. Unfortunately the class moved on to a different position before experimenting with another media to continue the exercise. I found with charcoal I wanted to be more expressive than with pencil and again smaller marks would have been more productive. I am very conscious of learning the technical skills of figure drawing and I am getting bored of using pencil and want to experiment with different media. I imagine Ink used to capture life drawing will be a challenging.

5 Minute A4 Sketches

10 Minute A2 Sketches



4 thoughts on “Project 2 Proportion Exercise 1 Quick Studies

  1. Wow you are improving really fast – these are great! I particularly like the figure seated straight on, with her arm on the chair. It’s funny how seeing the mistake lines under the ‘correct’ lines adds an energy to the whole. I’m probably on my 8th class now and charcoal is my go-to medium though I enjoyed the pastel of the last class. I used ink once and actually it was great – you can really water it down for delicate shadows – try it!


      1. Yes I absolutely love life classes. I’ve done 8 but they’ve been staggered across the year so hard to find a rhythm though I’m trying to build some momentum now with Part 4 coming up fast. I find the same with proportions, some days are easier than others (or perhaps its the models!). Some days I seem to spend half the allotted time squinting like crazy trying to count how many heads fit in to the torso and then by the time I get my pen to paper I’ve forgotten. Anyway I think you have the eye! And the pastel sketch was really very lovely.


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