Project 2 Exercise 2 A Longer Study

This was a 1 hour study from my life class. From the last exercise I wanted to demonstrate improvement in areas that didn’t work so well/ or were uncompleted from the last exercise. Firstly I wanted to experiment with a different media, although only moving onto colour pencils it focuses on capturing skin like qualities and I decided to do this on black paper. Secondly I started the whole composition using very fine marks. Using the black paper highlighted/ intensified the initial marks.


I have photographed the initial marks and rough colour blocking/ undertones in blue and Ivory.


I then very gently started mapping in the tones. Below is the final image.


1 hour  Colour Pencils A2

I have captured the characteristics of the pose really well, I have started to show sufficient weight within the figure, the media used has created presence and atmosphere. Overall the proportions in this pose look correct although the head and feet could do with more work.  I have successfully captured the foreshortening of the body from the position I was sat in.

Another longer study from my life class.


A2 Charcoal


5 thoughts on “Project 2 Exercise 2 A Longer Study

  1. Me too, I particularly love the feet. A super drawing. I like the way you can see the paper through the drawing…the lines of colours appear like tendons and muscles running under her skin and give a sense of transparency and movement. Fab!


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