Project 1 Fabric and Form, Exercise 1 Drawing fabric using line and tone

After a disastrous day yesterday outside drawing Trees where I think I nearly lost my fingers to frost bite, I decided to contact the OCA to see if I could do Part 4 of the course before Part 3. The OCA completely understood- it is currently the coldest winter I can remember in a long time. Although drawing from photographs is an excellent tool I want to draw as much from life as possible to improve my techniques.. It also works really well as the life drawing class I currently attend only run’s for the next 4 weeks too.

15 Minute Line Drawings

After drawing the simple line drawing using a fine line pen I then pushed the fabric into the back of the chair slightly as I wanted to capture the form of the chair more clearly. Even a simple line drawing of the folds and curves of the fabrics capture the shape of the chair underneath.

15 minute Tonal Drawing

Tone- Despite using the side of my pencil to try and work quicker still not much can be achieved in 15 minutes.img_3166

5 Minute Drawings Close Up


In the larger sketch (bottom right) I worked in reverse shading the whole square and then lifting the highlights with an eraser. The second picture (top right) I tried a more abstracted version. I found it harder than I thought to capture the form than I though I would, by  squinting my eyes and picking out the darkest shadows first pulled the shapes together easier.  Creating depth through tone and using the lines of the shadows to represent the direction that the cloth natural flows I found worked best. Shading the whole square first was the quickest way to get an overall representation of the cloth.





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