Working on 4.Possible Side Effects

Despite an huge effort to do thumbnail sketch’s and experiment with media, after a sleepless night I often feel I need to execute my idea’s by just starting the final composition.

Layering the package was a process in itself.I purposefully placed the packaging representing the colour that would later be drawn in each area as per the still life in front of me. Then purposefully cut out and placed the “4.possible side effect” wording again according to colour.

From experimenting I quickly found out that when using permanent markers when it goes wrong it would go wrong quickly. I had to be mindful that when mapping out the composition onto the surface every mark could potentially be seen in the finished result. At this point I only had one surface (packaging A2) and not enough packaging to make another large enough if the assignment piece went wrong. Every mark is of course permanent: it cant be re painted, erased, smudged. It can to some degree be gently layered but that then can easily lead to the mark being overworked.

The initial process of drawing the composition was intensely observational extremely slow and thoughtful.Then after the first session of working a major accident happened. I sprayed a small area  with fixative (because of the conte sticks) and the lines drawn by sharpies blurred and were able to be smudge.  Panicking I managed correct the burred lines. However it became the perfect solution to blur the leaves and generate the different colors and tones on the leaves.

I quickly put together another collage canvas and experimented (after gathering more packaging)…

Sharpies mixed with fixative


Another solution I discovered to rework areas was to glue another package over the top to create an area of blank canvas. I was mindful though that this could only be done once or twice so that it didn’t change the overall collage.

I decided to re collage the area of the canvas below. After studying the Leaf of the Lily plant with colored pencil I wanted to capture the varying greens in the same way with Sharpie’s. The dark area of the skull also lacked depth in the darkness using sharpies and after trial and error the only solution was to use acrylic paint. Acrylic paint had to be used to identify the darkest areas around the skull and leaves, although I deliberated over using other mediums. This lead to a thought around Drawing V’s Painting where is the line.. I am still researching this.


Before re working the leaves/ darkness.

The packaging was simply glued together using PVA glue whilst the paper underneath was still stretched on a wooden board (although afterwards discovered this had caused the slight bucking).  I researched glue hoping to find a brilliant glue that I hadn’t heard of before or something that may be able to use as a transparent base for the top of the packaging this proved unsuccessful.

There was one change I made from how I layered medicine packaging together form Exercise 3. It was to place the packaging in reference to the colors of the objects depicted from the still life set up in front of me. (Blue paracetamol packaging blue area) this actually made it more difficult to piece all the packaging together.

I then used the leaflets and cut out sections of 4.Possible side effects to reinforce the collage idea.

Subsequently I have discovered that Sharpies also work well on acetate (see through layer).

I for a short while I felt uncomfortable with the absence of objects to the right of the composition and had an afterthought that I wanted to add a Ukulele into the right of the composition.I used the drawing function within my windows photo editor to see if I could get an idea of how this may look. Ultimately  I decided it would be too much brown/ red in the composition.


Experimenting with adding Instruments to the composition

I really like the idea of incorporating technology into natural drawing. I have really enjoyed the experimenting I have undertaken in this part of the course and I intend to keep experimenting with mixed media ideas- the discovery is endless.


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