Project 3 Exercise 1-3 At Home v’s Assignment 2

This is where my interpretation and study  from Project 3- At home became a mass of experimentation for assignment 2. Assignments 2’s ideas and inspiration won the battle of my focus. Although I have continued to experiment with ideas from the Project 3 exercises.

I had this crazy idea (very exploratory) that spiraled from “Exercise 3- Experiment with Mixed Media” (Project 2) to do a modern Vanitas incorporating symbolism and medicine packaging…

The surface of the collage made with medicine packaging  is predominantly non absorbent so this posed questions again of the suitable medium to use. From experimentation the obvious answer again was to use sharpie markers.

I became deep in thought thinking about artistic styles –  abstract,  impressionist, pointillist or even a pop art representation. Cross hatching, mark making and then a mixed media approach – how would that all work?

I also wanted to incorporate interiors into the final still life and the obvious way was to use a reflective surface to capture the room into the drawing (inspired by this drawing of a Kettle I had done previously)

Kettle, 1996 charcoal and pencil.


To find a suitable subject for the still life I continued looking at interiors and objects grouped together within interiors.

I want to experiment more with this idea that shapes can form a picture within a picture (inspired the research point on page 51).

Chateauroux: The Secrets of the Confessional, 1957 (oil on board)

Anthony Green Chateauroux: The Secrets of the Confessional 1957                                     Bridgeman Education (Online)

Sketch of Bedroom Pencil on A3- Exploring view points.


I experimented with exploring this space within space idea for Assignment Two, starting to use sharpies to capture the still life’s within my bedroom. Playing with idea’s- I have referenced some of Damien Hirst’s work on the packaging on the medicine bottles.  (Yes the medicine bottle is back)..

Sharpie A4


Damien Hirst, 'Chicken' 1999

Damien Hirst Chicken 1999

From watching Sky’s Landscape Artist of the Year program, finalist Kim Whitby used ink to capture mood within her landscapes.  I have been practicing blotting and diluting black ink to create mood and capture light within my still life.

Black Ink A4

Idea’s I had for the final Assignment 2 such as:using a variety of media to create this Vanitas still life, a beautiful colored pencil Drawing, a black ink mood creation or even just a continuous line drawing. However the image of the sharpie’s colour range, a need to experiment and not being able to get the fascination of the medicine packaging juxtaposed together out of my head (this is process on its own). I decided to continue in search of objects that represent symbolism with in my home.


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