Out of Proportion My First Life Drawing Class

I am so pleased that I have (Finally) finished studying the Creative Arts Today course module and submitted for assessment. It means I can spend more time growing and improving my drawing techniques which is what I feel passionate about.

This morning I found the courage to attend my first life drawing class since (a couple of classes at college) in 1998…..

I really enjoyed it and it was nice to meet other artists too.I had forgotten how hard it is to draw from life and that it uses a mass amounts of concentration. The drawings are beautiful that I have made and the mark making from part 1 of the course is clearly coming through in my work.

We started of doing quick 5 minute sketches, then 5 minutes drawings only using line, then a 20 minute more detailed drawing either using charcoal or pastel followed by a further 40 minute final drawing, that I experimented with conte sticks).

It has been a good introduction to positive and negative space within figure drawing and looking at the shapes the human figure naturally makes. I need to improve initial mapping out of the composition first before committing to further marks. It was commented by the course tutor that the size of proportions has already improved from one session. I need to spend 60% of time looking at the model and not at my paper.

5 minute sketches on A3

5 minute line drawing only using marker pens

The second drawing (figure upright below) accidentally became more interesting as the marker I was using was running out of ink and had to go back over (ran out of time) some of the lines with another pen.Interesting effect.

20 minute drawing using charcoal (leg too long)


40 minute drawing Conte sticks.



13 thoughts on “Out of Proportion My First Life Drawing Class

  1. I particularly like the line drawings using marker pen. I am going, nervously, to my first life drawing class tomorrow night, and will try the blue pen! I don’t expect my proportions to be anything like as good as yours!

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  2. Hi Alison, what did you think of the creative arts today module? It’s one I’m considering. Did you find it interesting? what kinds of things did you have to do on it? grateful for any info. sue

    On 18 January 2017 at 13:27, Alison Dollery Creative Arts Drawing 1 wrote:

    > Artista Creative Art posted: “So pleased I have (Finally) finished my > studies and submitted for assessment for the Creative Arts Today course. It > means I can spend more time growing and improving my drawing techniques > which is what I feel passionate about. This morning I found the co” >


    1. Interesting question. I thoroughly enjoyed it (really opened my mind) but I did find it very hard, I am not sure if despite spending a year on the course if I will pass (my husband reassures me differently). I am still learning to write academically and critically. I have to keep reminding myself its only year one of the degree pathway. It did however rule out subjects I thought I was interested in and open my mind to area’s of the art world that I had absolutely no knowledge of.
      I have lots (I wish I had had a year ago) of hints and tips (programs to watch/ websites that explain things) that can help you if you decided to do it. Let me know.


      1. All the assignments are only 1000 words, things like looking at the context of a piece of art and analyzing images. I really enjoyed (very surprised) the creative writing section as it gives a brilliant overview of how to write a story. The course covers the themes of time and place within art. I learnt a lot about ways of seeing and interpreting art. Textiles covers textile manufacturer and uses away from the obvious fashion, textiles and more its use within art. Overall Its so in depth and covers so much.


  3. Really like the pen ones too! They remind me a bit of Tracey Emin’s sketches (I think she uses ink?) Well done for finishing the Creative Arts course! I’m ploughing through Understanding Visual Culture and a lot of what you say rings true – especially the bit about writing academically. Enjoy the pure creating now you’ve got that out of the way! Kim


    1. Thank you Kim for the kind comments on my line drawings. Your the first person I have spoken to re the Creative Arts today course. Couldn’t find a specific forum like Drawing 1. At the very last stage of the course (unfortunately) I found a website to help write academically and critically if you want the address.


      1. You’re welcome! Yes it doesn’t feel like there are that many people doing the other courses. There’s a forum but hardly anyone seems to use it – a tad lonely! Any tips greedily accepted. I feel like the course is really opening up my eyes (and head!) but it is tough. Can’t wait to finish (just started part 3 of 5)


  4. Send me your email for address and can send you some websites/ links that really helped me. It’s a shame their isn’t more interaction on that course as it could be really inspiring. Gallery visits at the Tate was the most beneficial overall. Good luck. Will email you tomorrow.


  5. Fantastic start to your new class, and the final drawing is sumptuous.. Your model looks touchable! I love the conte crayon effect – real warmth and subtlety! So good!

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