Response to Tutor Feedback Assignment 1

Overall I am extremely pleased with the feedback for assignment 1. The feedback is very encouraging and constructive, which I feel will bring out the best in me as a student and progress my drawing technique.

Within the overall comments it is especially positive that the areas of work where I spent the most time (thought) and effort have been noticed such as  the Art History research I did for the assignment and juxtaposition of the drawing on the Guardian article.

I have added to my study timetable time to research Georgio Morandi, analyse his compositions in my blog and analyse the structures of Pierre Bonnard’s Interiors/ stills life’s and experiment with them in my preparatory drawings. In my blog I will also present my findings from the two suggested reading research websites (OCA personal voice and Welcome collection).

I agree that I need to think about what I am learning from the exercises and how I can introduce this into the assignment so that I can consciously apply what I am learning as I progress. Drawing is something I do subconsciously so I need to bridge this gap and demonstrate my knowledge of it as well as my technique.  I started using the Assessment criteria as headings within the reflective feedback and then changed it so I completely understand why the critical reflection jumps around this will be easily addressed for assignment 2.  The excellent suggestion of the 6 A5 preparatory drawings to practise a range of compositions and to help with negative/ positive space, mark-making and tonal values will give my next assignment more focus. The 6 A5 drawings along with the research I will do regarding presenting my still life’s (other drawings) within a context I feel will bring new life to my work. I have never addressed or given much thought to drawing objects within a context before. I have been quite narrow minded in my focus on just the objects and their positions without giving thought to the backgrounds as any important context of the piece. I think this is a representation of the need to present the objects as correctly as I see them.  I will ensure all of the suggested reading and pointers for the next assignment are demonstrated or reflected (as indicated above) within my blog for submission of assignment 2. I can see the benefits of using critical thinking rather /analysis of my work as developmental and address the comments of exploring my vocabulary (overuse of words such as like and happy) which is unfortunately a reflection of focus on the creative side of my work and the blog a secondary thought. Overall going forward bringing everything together, the course exercises and tutor feedback will give my work further dimensions, which is what I need to develop which is very exciting.


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