Project 2 Exercise 4 Monocrome


I have been completely distracted from this part of the course- for several reason’s. Mainly as I have been preparing for Assessment for Creative Arts today due in January, Christmas thrown in the mix and the final reason- the experimentation of idea’s for assignment 2 and self reflection.

I have been deep in thought as to what I want to get out of this course. Students on online forums have been discussing the requirements (official or interpreted) that the exercises are not as important as the assignments and that its the 12 best (relevant) work that is submitted for assessment plus sketch books ( I will get further direction from my tutor on this). I have decided that for me personally I want to progress, learn and get the most out of this course but as most students I have a battle with time, unfortunately all this analysis (and other distractions) has led to procrastination and not putting full attention and effort into the exercises which is noticed in the above drawing.

Experimenting with various idea’s I had which were to include large area’s of tone that would be reflected from/ against the fish. I was looking at the fish from approximately a 40 degree angle which led to this straight line appearing from the right angled wall (background) so I wanted to experiment with Texture surrounding me and bringing this element within the composition (wood texture) somehow. What I think has really failed within this drawing was that I was using cheap standard stationary pencils drawing and fish that lacked natural marks ( I regretfully chose sardines).I looked at the composition from an abstracted pointed of view so I feel the different marks I made is almost working against each other and it looses the different tones that could be represented. If I had experimented with different media (pastels or  ink) would have worked better to experiment with tone.


4 thoughts on “Project 2 Exercise 4 Monocrome

  1. the sardines are great – proper slippery, shiny sardines – i’ve had the same issues with coloured pencils (need to invest) but I really think these look good – especially the head with that sorry eye.


      1. No I haven’t investigated coloured pencils yet – researching anything like that always seem to end up in a long long trail around the internet! I should probably go on the forum and ask…yep, I’ll do that this evening!

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