Project 2 Exercise 3 Experiment with Mixed Media


As soon as I read this exercise I had a vision to use medicine packages (linking back to assignment 1) within a collage. I had the above images in my head and these images are a literal imprint from my mind of them. Last June I visited the Tate Gallery in London and felt inspired by an illustrative Collage by Andrea Bowers’ The Workers Maypole 2015. The artist has layered cardboard on top of each other which had created a large canvas that she has drawn with ink upon. This very familiar material  (cardboard) makes me feel that I can relate to the piece more and I particularly like how the square edges change moving your eye line around the edge of the cardboard discovering shapes and cardboard lids.

Andrea Bowers The Workers Maypole 2015 (photographed at the Tate Modern)


The next battle I had was experimenting with media that could be used on a non-absorbent surface, preferably without using paint. Permanent markers (sharpies) immediately came to mind mixed. Possibly mixing with ink so I started experimenting within my sketch book. I made two canvas’s one using the packaging in a similar format to Andrea Bowers layered cardboard technique, the second using the information leaflet that allowed other media such as conte crayon sticks, pencil and inks. The only restraint with using sharpies (permanent markers) is that the results and marks are simpler the image almost become illustrative.


2 thoughts on “Project 2 Exercise 3 Experiment with Mixed Media

  1. these are great. funny and creative. I especially like the first one. It looks like you stuck down the packaging and drew on top? I really like that you’ve go the clarity of the vegetables while at the same time they are transparent. what medium did you draw with ?


    1. Thank you for the comments Susan,
      The medium for the first one is markers and ink, on medical packaging. The second is a mixture of ink, conte sticks, wax crayon, pencil and markers. I am in the process of doing a much larger one for assignment 2.


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