Project 1 Exercise 1 Detail and Tone Project 2 Exercise 2 Still Life using line

Pencil on A3- 3 Pieces of Driftwood

First image- 3 pieces of Driftwood is my final submission for this exercise.

After experimenting with thumbnails I wanted to included a background (as per tutor feedback from assignment 1) into this exercise that experiments with detail and tone. However the original drawing I produced  (below) made me feel incredibly uncomfortable to view and that I wasnt producing  the standard of work I wanted to. The tone was too harsh in this drawing, the shadows look unnatural and the composition just doesn’t work all together although the drawing of the driftwood itself (mark making and lines is an average representation). I decided to change the composition for the final piece. I  re-looked at the thumbnails and was intrigued with the idea of looking downwards and how this would fit into the composition. I remembered at art college a student had an extremely soft touch and varied tone when drawing only using a B pencil so had this in the back of mind when drawing the tone ensuring I don’t overwork the darker area’s. The key learning point here is too have practiced the tone/ detail of the driftwood in my sketch book before committing to A3 paper.

Project 2 Exercise 1 Still Life using line

I was very inspired with the drawing example in the coursework. Having not used white ink on black paper before I wanted to experiment. The lines I have made have worked well and experimented between using a dip pen and brush however I overworked the background (and indentation between the driftwood). This style of drawing is not quite there yet..



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