Assignment 1 Final Submission

So after writing the last blog  I decided I wasnt happy with the charcoal drawing as a final assignment submission, so I decided to go back to basics and do another submission using graphite pencil’s  with gentle charcoal highlights (for the mixed media element of the assignment). I have swapped the jar for a glass and re introduced some of the objects I preferred drawing from the first draft. The Piriton bottle has been swapped for the infant paracetamol bottle, I have added back in the EMA cream. The Kalms and Vitamin C bottles are the same. I have added a triangular bandage which was used when I initially broke my elbow, I think the bandage helps link the objects, grouping the composition better. I let go a little and didn’t measure each pill this time (I sat with a ruler on draft 2 making sure all the pills were the same length and height). Again all the objects have had a significance use by my family in the last few months. I am personally much happier with this final submission.

Assignment 1 Pencil and Charcoal on A3



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