Assignment 1 Reflection on my progress.

I am happy with my compositional skills and I think all the objects have been grouped together in an interesting and complementary way.  I am also feel I have made a good start  with my visual awareness and observational skills. My sketches and exercise drawings of all the objects are all in proportion, relevant to scale with good perception. I have tried to express emotion (as asked in the course materials) by making interesting marks in my drawings, adding atmosphere, its re sparked a creative streak in me by stressing the detachment from reality. As recently I have found myself attracted towards hypperrealism drawings, that look similar to high resolution pictures- I really admire the accuracy and techniques. The emotive mark making has re opened my mind and bought awareness to the pure enjoyment of marks and taken away the need for preciseness.

There have been challenges for me working on a larger scale for the first time in forever ( I prefer working in smaller sketch pads)and the availability of equipment – I am working on a budget and buying materials as I need them which has been causing delays. The only local craft store is also very badly stocked (the others have also gone out of business). I am pleased with my technical skills as a starting point. The drawings I have made for this course are the first formal (followed direction/ assignments) drawings I have made for over 16 years (apart from sketch books, doodles and face painting).

I am only about 50% happy with the quality of the outcome of my work so far.I have argued in my head over and over whether I  should re-do  my 1 st assignment or not. I don’t like it, although I stare at it for ages weirdly enjoying it, it certainly is dark and has atmosphere. I think I have overworked the shadows, although the still life set up I drew from was purposefully dark and could have added more in the mirrored reflection below.

Assignment 1 Second Draft – The original assignment 1 (As discussed in this blog)  before deciding to do another  final submission)  Willow Charcoal A2
Assignment 1 First draft- charcoal pencil/ pencil on square paper (approx A3)

I personally prefer the first  drawing (Charcoal only) I did before realizing it was on the wrong sized paper for the assignment. I like the Jar in the composition (even though it doesn’t entirely relate to the subject matter) from a technical point of view and the conceptual idea behind it and the pills look good in the jar too (reflection), however I just cant work out what it is I exactly do not like ( I don’t like the jar?). I would have preferred to have used a paper with more tooth final assignment piece (paper sourcing problems) but again I like the smoothness, it represents the smoothness of the objects drawn.  I am heavily critical of my work (always have been. I could point to every one of my drawings and tell you whats wrong with them. Maybe I just really liked the plant used in the first drawing which I decided to leave out in the final piece (I thought it looked random), even though it was a representation of natural medicines.

I have decided to submit my work as its stands and let my Tutor feedback and guide me, I am trying to think of each piece of work as developmental as opposed to being heavily critical and I am more than happy to re do an exercise or assignment at a later date. Although I am having nightmares that my tutor feedback report is going to be like the description of a really bad X-factor audition “What is Alison Dollery thinking?”

There has been the stagnating odd thought and procrastination with some of the exercises that I have done certain exercise before (not that that makes my work better) but I understand that was a long time ago and I need to show the OCA my capabilities.

Positively my work is of a coherent manner and I am pleased that I am getting lots of inspiration for idea’s (future work) and concepts in my work (Pills). I have tried to keep my blog as simple and to the point as possible. I think I have demonstrated my application of knowledge so far. I feel I have shown imagination and I have started my journey to continue to re- develop my personal voice, especially through new ideas and invention. I feel I could have done more experimentation with the initial exercises in the course, however I was so consumed with setting up this blog, my drawing and experiments became a secondary interest in the initial stage. I also need to ensure I am reading the exercises and assignments properly, a couple of times I did the work then realized I had done it with the wrong paper or material (see assignment 1 first drawing). I have also shown research of artists and subject matter (pills) and reflection in my blog.

I am a reflector in my learning style so this is just the first steps of where I need to be.


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