Project 2 Research Point Odilon Redon Atmosphere

Odilon Redon (1840- 1916) was a French painter who worked in charcoal and lithography (Until 1890) to create what he called his “Visionary works- Noirs”. In various shades of black the work depicts tone and atmosphere.

(Notes from Wikipedia)

Two trees, 1875 - Odilon Redon

Two Trees 1875 (charcoal on paper)

I believe Odilon Redon uses the negative space that surrounds his subject matter to create the atmosphere. I believe he has captured the aura of objects, people, places and scenes. He has done this by using deep dark tones, small marks and the changes in size and harshness of the marks. He depicts the energy of the light and how the energy is absorbed onto the trees. I believe to create the atmosphere is looks past just the black and white tones of the shadows and concentrates on the marks. Odilon Redon’s intricate detail in “Two Trees” really intrigues me and the techniques created with charcoal.

Cauldron of the Sorceress - Odilon Redon

Cauldron of the Sorceress 1879

In Cauldron of the Sorceress 1879 the atmosphere and the artists use of symbolism is more obvious and uses swirling darkness representing the subject matter.


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