Project 2 Exercise 2 Observing shadow using blocks of tone.

I loved this exercise; I could have spent hours on it. I started by playing with objects and light using a torch (photograph). I created two A2 charcoal drawings. The first I drawing I mapped the composition first and tried a more realistic approach and added texture, I used the putty eraser afterwards to create light (Image 1). I enjoyed the curves I made in the darker shadows.

The second composition (Image 2) I covered the paper in charcoal first and just worked with shapes, gradient tones and shadows as I let go of perspective, correctness or realism of the composition and purely made marks (reminded me of Project 1, Exercise 1, Expressive lines and marks). I rotated between the eraser, strength and motions of the marks of the charcoal to create bold strokes and texture. I finally added an outline to ensure the Mug wasn’t completely abstract.  My arms and hands were covered in charcoal and used varying lengths of charcoal to create both pieces; I had a lot of fun making the compositions and particularly noticed how my body moved when drawing. Overall I prefer Image 1.

I’m hoping I have captured mood in my drawings: the darker shadows representing anger with light shown as smooth and gentle. I had to use watercolor paper as it was the only paper with ‘tooth’ that hobby craft had in stock in A2 however the texture is beautiful.

If I was redoing this exercise I would correct the mug in Image 1 as it is slightly wonky and add more detail to the tea towel. I am trying not to be too self critical and focus on the developmental aspect of the course rather than making each drawing a perfect masterpiece ( I have a bad habit of procrastinating on perfection).


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