Project 2 Basic Shape and Fundamental form. Exercise 1 Groups of objects.

The main challenge for me during this exercise was the requirement to use of A2 paper. I am used to doing smaller sketches on A4 or smaller. If I was redoing this exercise I would focus on correcting the outlines of some of the objects as they are leaning/ wonky. Although I have got the size of the objects in comparison to each other correct and created interesting arrangements of shape. But its just loose sketching.

I started this exercise using charcoal on Newspaper which didn’t work very well on the heavily printed areas of the newspaper. I then went over the drawings with a Biro pen to make the lines clearer. Then on A2 paper I did some very loose quick sketches using pencil and then black ink with an old cartridge pen that I used dipping the the nib in the ink (assuming it would be a similar techniques to a dip pen). I have never used a dip pen before or black ink in this way, however I like how the amount of ink on the nib determines the thickness of the lines and the looseness this creates. Finally using a ruler I created a more linear sketch. I have also included a loose sketch of starting to groups objects for ideas for assignment 1- Pills.

Unfortunately there is a lack of art supply shops in my area, limiting my local shopping to a badly stocked hobby craft, who were out of dip pens.

Here are some drawings of grouped objects from my sketch book. I have started thinking of objects to draw from my final assignment. I was looking as objects as personal representation. Musician- guitar, Painter- brush, I met a person a few months ago who seamed to talk about about cleaning a lot, especially regarding only using 50p bottled bleach from supermarkets. I am exploring and trying to look for a narratives in my drawings.




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